1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

Chris, your "fleet" is incomparable. The addition of a stick shifted Coyote blows my admittedly weak brain. Keep us posted. I live my Mark dream alter-ego through you.
2017-08-21 20.11.43 by Chris, on Flickr

looks clean in here. engine has a touch under 100k.

2017-08-21 20.56.38 by Chris, on Flickr

got some Boundary billet gears to put in the oil pump.

2017-08-21 20.53.31 by Chris, on Flickr

the housing and stock gears.

2017-08-21 20.44.41 by Chris, on Flickr

going to learn how to time it tomorrow.
I decided to replace the chain guides because they aren't that expensive.
they are on order.
Hi Chris this is Michael dad just walking on the key board an checking on what happening. We are working on a special deal that is keeping us busy. fire Mike a email to find out about it. security that he imposed. Hope things go good for you the old man JD.
went and got me a place to work on it.
44056813_1114475902064114_7355363542893068288_n by Chris, on Flickr

trimmed turbo chucks fit nicely on the coyote block.
2018-10-12 18.35.34 by Chris, on Flickr

bolts right on.
2018-10-12 20.12.44 by Chris, on Flickr

shiny new oil pan.
2018-10-19 17.33.38 by Chris, on Flickr

lots of trimming and the engine mounts to the subframe.
2018-10-19 21.03.13 by Chris, on Flickr
i'm slacking on updates, but hope to do more soon.

the engine is sitting in the car now, but there is still much to do.

i got the wheels and tires mounted for it the other day, as well as acquired my 14" front brake kit for the car.

i'll try to get some more photos uploaded soon.

not a ton has happened.
when i had time, i didnt have money.
now i have some money, doesn't seem like i have the time..
anyway, excuses aside.

the motor is actually in the car now. not for good, i needed to test fit to be sure it would fit.
subframe will need to come back out for powdercoat and bracing.

these are brakes i have for it.
V calipers and gt500 rotors. the eagle eyed among us may remember them being on lobirds car.

a shot of the sump on the aftermarket pan.
i raised the engine a half inch to clear the pan DLF style.

3 core radiator for the car. a sneak peak of the cai that came with the engine.

an mt82, a 3650, and a 4r70 in the back.
mt82 with a barton shifter for this car. 6060 when i break that.

the modded spindles and the coyote fuel tank.
plan is to convert the mark tank to returnless, and wire the coyote fpdm to run a new fuel pump in the mark tank.

my intake and stack of clutches. i have too much stuff in here.

some of my other plans include converting to an electric steering pump so i dont need to mount a pump on the engine.
going to to try to reuse the mark ac compressor and lines, someone makes a kit. and use the coyote alternator. we'll see how that goes.
also looking into some long tube options. something that will clear the steering shaft.

need to get back at this. been too long.
Didn't realize you ended up with Alans Cadillac V calipers. It was a while back, when I went to his house and he was able to show me how he was able to make those fit his Mark VIII. Just amazed how much mechanical talent he and others like you have done with our cars.

Can't wait to see more update photos.

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