06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

I have gone back an forth on that a few times. More than likely, I will take it back and let them do it sometime in the next 60 days. Need to take my Mother's car in for a small bit of rust showing up so I can have them knock it out then and package the work.

Maybe have a few things under the hood painted as well. May as well make things look uniform.
FINALLY! Can't wait to see everything on. Its going to be a big change, a good change.

Congrats on finally finishing your lse parts hunt.
If it were not for you Alax, I would still be on the hunt and frustrated as ever. A million thanks.
Looking really good! cant wait to see how the tips turn out. I had never considered painting/coating them before. I like the look of chrome on mine so i'm happy.
Sweet!!!!!!!!!:cool: Looking forward to seeing it done.:)
Thank you Rollin. We know u have been on top of the body kit game for along time. Just glad to join the ranks.
Are u painting the rear plate surround too or leaving it chrome? I have been thinking of doing my tips in black too but I'm also thinking about getting my wheels chromed so I don't know what I'm going to with that yet
I have gone back and forth a few times. It probably will be color matched but I first want to see how the rear looks with the tips up against the chrome surround. With the wheels and the window trim already matching and doing the whole black and silver thing, I want to see it first before pulling the trigger on a color match.

Hite I am fan of your wheels in black. But, those wheels look damn good in silver so I can only imagine them in chrome. In the meantime, a coat of Plasti Dip in black on the tips would be crazy.
i just dont think plasti-dip would hold up to the heat on the tips. It would be ok just to see if I like it and then peel it off and paint them with black header paint.

My wheels in chrome would be cool but there is no place local that dips wheels so I'd have to ship them out, pay for the chrome and ship them back. I'm already $1800 into these wheels so I dont know if I want to drop another $1000 on them. I will be making a decision when I put my winter wheels on.
Good point on the Plasti Dip. Not sure how well it would hold up but it would be good for a test look. I see your point on plating. That gets to be a serious financial commitment into those wheels. But would they look great? Yes!
I've seen it on silver and it was virtually invisible. The edge was slightly noticeable but not bad
I am really concerned about the side skirts as well. The +38 offset wheel could be problematic with regard to chips. I almost am certain I am going to pull the trigger and protect the paint as best I can.
But of course the forecast for this coming afternoon is for severe thunderstorms and my car will be ready at 3pm.
Nice! Ready to see the finished product & still debating on whether i just want to buy a 06 LS or just do a gen 2 LSE conversion now i hope the decision is easier lol
Well friends, I got it back today. I'll do a few more pics once the tips are on and after I detail it.


LS finished.jpg
Thanks guys.

Yeah Drizz.... 50% down the front. 20% the rest of the way around.
Nice nice nice nice

cept for the wheels :shifty:

Is that a gen 1 LSE spoiler? I'm putting mine on today.

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