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  1. Tmauer14

    Speakers for 2000 Lincoln ls

    I love the way polks sound, but them all the way around in my old GMC Sierra, sounds great. Clear, loud, with good bass. My buddy just put some alpine type S in his Mazda 3, and they sound good also. No matter which one you go with you will be happy. Although I know how you feel, blew one of my...
  2. Tmauer14

    Wrecked my LS.. Looking for a nice one under $6000 in Texas!
  3. Tmauer14

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Mlara, I washed mine today! ;)
  4. Tmauer14

    Minnesota LVC Members

    Oops. :cool: it looked good, never seen this color in person before!
  5. Tmauer14

    Minnesota LVC Members

    Saw this awesome looking LS at Menards today, and it got me thinking about how many Minnesota LVC members there are. This one has got to be a member! :Beer I have seen this one, and another awesome looking black LS around town, but that is pretty much it in the Oakdale/Woodbury area! Any others?!
  6. Tmauer14

    What is this?

    She wasn't easy to get off! The streak was easy but the little specs were a bitch
  7. Tmauer14

    What is this?

    I will wash it off and it will come back. It's not gum!
  8. Tmauer14

    What is this?

    It's still winter here though! Wouldn't it be by all four wheels?
  9. Tmauer14

    What is this?

    Dont think its bubblegum, haha! It doesn't come off in the car wash, have to rub it off pretty good, then it is there again 3 days later!
  10. Tmauer14

    What was everyone's first car?

    I had a 2001 GMC Sierra that I loved to death.. then I cheated on her with the LS and havent been happier
  11. Tmauer14

    FOR SALE : Keyless entry keypad

    At least he was searching properly :N
  12. Tmauer14

    What is this?

    This has been appearing on my right rear bumper right behind the tire for about two weeks now, and I dont know what it is. It comes in streaks and also spots like shown in the pictures. I smeared it a little in the second picture so you guys could see what its like. I have no clue what it is!
  13. Tmauer14

    Lincoln LS Instrument cluster led conversion by adrst2.3

    Wow adrst that looks sick! Might have to do this to mine, in blue. What are the odds of being able to get clear needles?
  14. Tmauer14

    Front end noise

    Struts for sure, I had this happen on my last car. They aren't too pricey to fix
  15. Tmauer14

    Stuck at work.

    Offer her 20 bucks ;)
  16. Tmauer14

    What did you do to your LS today?

    I feel so much better now, ha. I did it to mine yesterday and put a nice circle crack in there, hope it doesnt spread :eek:
  17. Tmauer14

    2,760 mile trip...

    As a former U-Haul employee, if they let you rent the double axle I would be really, really surprised. At our center, we only have rented those out to vehicles that we were SURE would be capable of doing the job. Not saying that the LS couldn't do it, but it is going to take a toll on the car...
  18. Tmauer14

    Bumper Advice

    Okay, I will probably have the body shop do it. Think I could just order everything through them?
  19. Tmauer14

    Bumper Advice

    These Minnesota winters are brutal, but sometimes they can work out for some of us car guys :p I slid into a snow bank with my 04 earlier in the winter, and ended up cracking my front bumper cover. I have gotten a couple estimates and it is going to be around $900-$1000 to get it fixed. Now...
  20. Tmauer14

    Noise on cold start

    I get that exact rattle in the video on cold start up.