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  1. eastcoastLS

    1st Gen LS Headlights F/S

    I have for sale a pair of 1st Gen LS headlights that are in very good condition. If you are interested shoot me an email or respond in the thread. I haven't been around the forums much lately but I do check in frequently.
  2. eastcoastLS

    Overheating at idle

    I went to have a pressure test done on my vehicle and the mechanic didn't have the pressure tester, so he drained my all the 50/50. In doing so we found metal shards in the fluid. He then refilled my cooling system. And I have just been letting the car sit for now.
  3. eastcoastLS

    Overheating at idle

    Thanks quik for the info. I am going to have a pressure test done on it in the next couple days. I will post once the problem is solved, and how it was.
  4. eastcoastLS

    Overheating at idle

    I replaced the coolant reservoir 2 days ago to stop the leak behind the drivers front wheel. Everything was good until today. I park the car and sit in it idling with the A/C on for about 10 minutes. Suddenly I noticed the temp gauge creeping up because my A/C turned warm. When I get out and...
  5. eastcoastLS

    Just got my first LS! 2004!

    love the all black
  6. eastcoastLS

    F*(K drunk hit my car in my driveway.

    that sucks. tell them what you think your car is worth and try and get a check for something around that!
  7. eastcoastLS

    What year/model/miles does everyone have on their LS

    105k miles, no mods other than tint. this is how its tinted. 35 percent on the windshield, 20 on the windows that roll up and down and 5 on the back glass and those little corner windows in the back door.
  8. eastcoastLS

    I hate who ever did this to me

    Ya thieves suck. Someone stole my UPS package that was left at my doorstep with about $500 worth of stuff in it..
  9. eastcoastLS

    post up your ls's mileage

    105,151miles runs better than before since i have gotten new valve cover gaskets 10k miles ago. now it is time to part.
  10. eastcoastLS

    Can these cars be trusted after the warranty expires?

    What he said. On the other hand, my LS has yet to leave me on the side of the road.
  11. eastcoastLS

    no ls' in hawaii

    Ok, I ended up seeing one on H1, leaving Hanauma Bay. It was a silver 04/05 V8 sport.
  12. eastcoastLS

    no ls' in hawaii

    Does anyone have an explanation for this? I've been here, in Waikiki for about a week and haven't seen one LS. There is one Lincoln dealer in Honolulu, but I have yet to see an LS around here.
  13. eastcoastLS

    WTF is this? Conversion?

    It's a modernized Legend. The Legends are really showing their age now-a-days.
  14. eastcoastLS

    What do you think about this ls?

  15. eastcoastLS

    No more splash guard

    That is what has happened here. I'm going to look around some junk yards first and see what I come up with since I could use a new interior door panel as well.
  16. eastcoastLS

    No more splash guard

    The splash guard on my LS managed to catch the wind perfect going down the interstate. I ended up having to remove and trash it. If you follow this link, the piece I lost is 6. I was curious to your opinions on how vital this piece is to have for driving in the rain? It's a 60 dollar piece...
  17. eastcoastLS

    Flashing Check Engine Light

    As long as your 2004 has under 100k miles.
  18. eastcoastLS

    my ls was stolen this morning

    +1 where do you live? i live about an hour from orlando.
  19. eastcoastLS

    What Do I Do !@#$dammnit!