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    My car is destroyed...

    So long as your ok, thats the main thing. Basically, as much as we all love our cars, there are just cars and can be replaced, people are far more important. You can also look at it in this way; your beloved Eldo made the ultimate scarifice to you. It took the hits and gave its life so you could...
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    Hello from Australia

    LOL After almost 28 hours to fly from home to Detriot, everything was a bit of a blur. Mind you, by the time it was all over and I was about to head home I was already thinking of ways to move back with the family for good. I loved the US, dont care what anyone says, the US is still the...
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    Hello from Australia

    Not sure if you are the above under but your water gos the wrong way when it spins down the sink and you all drive on the wrong side of the road. First time I took a left hand turn in the US I almost bailed from the car, thought we were going to drive into a ditch! :invasion:
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    heres another fun little game for you.
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    Still managed to get a good head on it I see!
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    gutting cats

    Well, it they are remotely similar (and I believe they are) to the Aust. ones they you will fail..miserably. The Cat is a critical part of the emmissions system, without it, your emmissions will be through the roof.
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    gutting cats

    Is it legal to gut cats in the US? I know in Australia if your caught with a gutted cat it's about a $20,000 fine!! :eek:
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    I Just Seen The Hastest Race Ever!

    Speaking of rice:
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    My name is Rich, and I have a problem

    It' sthe mod bug. There is no cure. I got mine into remission after I got married and had kids but I was never cured. I know this cause lately I'm felt the urge to spend on the car again....its the mod bug, you just have to learn to live with it and control it as best you can. I will say that...
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    Lincoln VS Chevrolet *MEGA DU WARNING*

    The Nova is nice, cant fault it, but the TerminVIIIor just does it for me every time. That is the most agressive car this side of a fully worked TS50 (dont ask, they are an Australian car). More pics, more videos PLEASE! :L
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    My time slips

    They are fantastic times and the 60' times are awesome!!!! Well done!
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    Crash test dummy photo

    We are fortunate in Australia as our airbags do not go off with as much force as yours. The reason is your airbags need to take into account that people may not be using a seatbelt and will be moving at a faster rate towards the dash in an accident without it. In Aust they are called SRS airbags...
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    Rumsfeld Fighting Technique

    Ahhhhh, grasshopper! :rolleyes:
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    I guess this girl doesnt know alot about cars...

    Bwahahahahahah, that is soooo sad!
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    Hello from Australia

    hahaha, yeah, kind of guessed it was you......not exactly a common name there :P
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    Must have garage tools?

    Best garage tool you can get is a fat wallet so some other person can be paid to work on your car. I'm just way past worrying about it myself anymore. I work on computers, I pay others to work on engines. :Beer
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    Hello from Australia

    Pity you guys get stuck with Fosters as aussie beer. That stuff is crap, I dont know a single person that actually drinks it. Hell, I havent even seen it at the store for years. We should send you some VB or Hahn Ice, thats good beer. As for Mad Max, not, it's not quite like that here, it's...
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    Hello from Australia

    hahaha, mine is already well known here mate! Enjoy this site, I've been hanging out here for a while now. BTW, check the members photo garage! :W
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    Panoramic shot of the Showroom.

    This year???? :confused:
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    Panoramic shot of the Showroom.

    Stuff the massage parlour, where are the keys to the Mark VIII?