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    Damn Deer

    Well, about a month and a half ago, I hit a deer in my Navigator. Hit would be an understatement. Crushed is more like it. I was going 70mph when I hit it. Popped both airbags, destroyed the left front. I just got it back two weeks ago. I forgot how much I missed it. I has to take my...
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    Got deal on K&N CAI system, installed, lovin it!!

    Must be the Australian version. Lol.
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    03/04 Cobra head swap to 95 Mark viii block

    With that much cash available, you could always search for a newer 5.0 Coyote motor. Just saying. -ryan s.
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    03/04 Cobra head swap to 95 Mark viii block

    MMR makes some great pins. There's a ton of little things that can make a big difference. I just bought a pair of those pins because I'm putting a Teksid 2v in my Grand Marquis (for weight reduction/ fuel efficiency). Check it out. And, timing DOHC...
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    Please give me tips about different years of town cars -ryan s.
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    A/C Delete - How to do?

    I bought a Dorman one for my 93, powder coated it, and it's been installed for 4 years now. Works great. -ryan s.
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    Please give me tips about different years of town cars

    I bought my 03 Signature over two years ago. It was from Florida, elderly owned, and had 98k on it. I paid $7200. It's loaded. The only options it didn't come with were HIDs (I took care of that, factory ones, BTW) and navigation. I also bought it for baby moving. Great times. Since I've owned...
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    what is this part 4.6 92 lincoln

    If its coming from the red circle, then thats the heater core line. Just get about a foot or so of 3/4" hose from stock at your favorite parts store, and you're good. It's like a $10 fix. If you have coolant coming from the green circled hose, well, you shouldn't because that's a PCV line. I...
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    Cold air intake

    I was wondering if any of you guys tried retrofitting a 05+ CVPI airbox into the V-8's. They are the largest airboxes made on the Panther platform and have an integrated 80mm 6-pin slot-style MAF. Worth a shot. -ryan s.
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    2004 town car overheating..

    I had the fan **** out on my 03 Marauder. I replaced it and it solved the problem. Check the silver diode too. It prevents reverse current flow from the fan "windmilling", if you will. Check your relays, and swap them out too, just to be sure. -ryan s.
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    Lincoln Towncar Vs. Cadillac Deville 4.9 Vs Buick Park Avenue

    How about more info on all three cars? -ryan s.
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    MAP sensor inside MAF sensor? Is that right? O_o

    Sure. All you need is a Torx bit with the notch in the middle to clear the bump.
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    Car starting issues

    Did you try replacing the starter???? -ryan s.
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    Calling All Panther Fans!

    It's just a minor flesh wound! -ryan s.
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    40 mpg in 04 V8. What are you getting out of yours?

    You should actually increase the tire pressure for mileage.