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  1. Valve Cover Seal Inspection and Replacement For the Lincoln LS

    Valve Cover Seal Inspection and Replacement For the Lincoln LS

    By LSBIT This is a time consuming job, but can be done with basic hand tools. It's just a matter of using the tools in the right combination for each bolt. I did have to run out and buy a 7 mm wrench, as well as a 1/4 drive 10 mm deep well to get to a couple of tight areas. My Craftsman...
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    Anyone ever try a heavy-duty grounding job to fix hesitation?

    2 year old thread. Autopost? :) I agree with your post. Fuel injectors and COPs are the most common. A lot of that crap just gets garbage on your spark plugs and who knows what else.
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    Need Help in buying an LS

    You could find a 2000 that has had all the bugs worked out of it too. My wife might be selling hers to get a minivan :eek: . It is not a sport model and not black, so it might not work for you, but whoever gets her car will have one that has had the repair work done, and that is what you want...
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    non-alpine > alpine....anyone ever ACTUALLY try?

    It's not that bad. Your 4 door speakers are powered by the head unit on both systems. The wiring for these is the same on both systems. The only difference lies in the extra connector on the Audiophile system. This extra connector contains line level outputs for two amplifiers; the console...
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    non-alpine > alpine....anyone ever ACTUALLY try?

    Yep. I just had to make a wiring harness from the Alpine deck to a connector in the driver's side kick panel area. The rest of the harness that goes to your subs is all ready there. I didn't wire up the 2 extra front speakers. Remember, the alpine deck has an extra connector for the...
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    Suggestions on where to post Lincoln 4 sale?

    Will PM you. Thanks for the suggestions all.
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    Suggestions on where to post Lincoln 4 sale?

    Due to the fact that these cars are a little nicer and more expensive than the average used car, does anyone have suggestions on where to post an LS for sale add? We have a local trade paper, but I am not sure how many people would look for a Lincoln in that type of paper. I did post it...
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    '00 Lincoln LS V8 Sport in Knoxville,TN

    2000 Lincoln LS V8 Sport -Midnight Gray w/Gray Interior -93,000 miles It has the moonroof and heated seats options also. No problems that I am aware of other than the driver's side heated seat is somewhat intermittent. I have written a couple of tech articles for the LS and am pretty familiar...
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    Creaky Steering

    Wife's LS just started doing this a couple of days ago. I double-checked and the ball joint is loose like it was in my LS before I replaced them. Oh well...Guess I need to order the knuckle and plan to get dirty. I haven't had to touch my wifes car (other than oil changes) in a year now, so...
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    Rear Wheel Stud Replacement Help

    That is how I do it and did it last night when replacing my front brakes. The rear calipers need a tool to rotate the piston while pushing in. It can be rented from Autozone. They sell cheap versions of the tool also. This is due to parking brake design.
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    another oil in coil well post are describing the coil problem for '00-'02s. The stumbling is usually noticed from 40-60 mph. You saying you have an '03 and are having the same issues? You can just replace the boots, but that probably won't fix your problem. :(
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    Needs some opinions on misfiring...

    As suggested, check the plugs and plug wells for oil. If they are dry, you probably still have bad coils. The stock plugs are double platinum. They may be the same plug as the SHO as the number looked really familiar when I replaced mine. :) I had an '89 SHO some years ago. You don't...
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    Rear Brakes tips :) HELP!

    What method do you use to replace fluid and bleed the brake system in the LS?
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    Hesitation, but no check engine light, and supposedly no codes?

    Replacing coils AFTER doing the gasket job is not a hard job. You don't have to take apart much at all. Once you have done it once or twice, it is a snap. I have swapped all coils a few times. I had a bad injector in my car and it took many coil swaps to finally decide it was not a coil. It...
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    Anyone ever try a heavy-duty grounding job to fix hesitation?

    I had an Olds Intrigue and it was plagued from poor electrical design. A lot of people started having tranny issues at 80k and bad grounds were mentioned as a possible cause. Some people were convinced. Most of us had flickering headlights, at least. Some were able to fix it by adding...