Lincoln Mark VIII Lift Points

  1. Joeychgo
    How to Lift your Lincoln Mark VIII Safely
    ***Information from the Lincoln Mark VIII shop manual

    Visit the Lincoln Mark VIII Forum for more help

    These are the recommended lift points for the Lincoln Mark VIII:

    1. Front suspension lift point
    2. Front frame lift points
    3. Number 3 crossmember
    4. Rear frame lift points

    You can also use the points just under where the rear air bags are. Just be sure to use a piece of wood in to protect the arms…



    It is aluminum and will likely be damaged causing a costly repair.

    Also, make sure you turn off the air ride switch in the trunk before you lift the car. Turn it back on when you lower it.

    BE SAFE! Make sure the car is securely supported on approved jack stands before you get under the car. Do not get under a car only supported by hydraulic jacks. The procedure is to raise the car with the hydraulic jacks, and then place the jack stands under the lift points. Then lower the car onto the jacks slowly until completely supported by the stands.


    Its also not recommended that you use the jack that came with your vehicle. Its only to be used for emergencies and isn’t very sturdy.

    Working under automobiles can be dangerous. Try to minimize the hazard by using proper tool and equipment.
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