What did you do to your LS today?


Not when ur a single dad of 3 and on a Budget but still wanna sound nice
Today's progress. Should be rolling tomorrow ( I know I have said that alot lately . Although I found I needed a LH outer tie rod end



Well decided to keep going on this beast. Threw my back out over the wedding weekend .. but yesterday me and the wife decided that we wanted a black interior....so back to the yard..pulled almost the whole interior of a 02 in about an hour and a half...my back is not happy...but I am! I like the 02 rear seats with the non adjustable headrests...more rear visibility. Now do any of you have a good prosses for tidying the headliner? Or dash? The hard one had no sunroof...and fuck trying to pull a dash
Guess I'll just carry this thread again...almost completed my change over to the 02 black interior..all that's left is to swap the carpet, she the head liner and dash. And swap over the front seat covers..bit of a rip in the driver side bolster. Was thinking of covering it with a neat patch or something? Anyone have any ideas?
Snagged this at our local junkyard earlier. Off an 04, had THX and heated rear seats! Was in a front end accident, deployed the airbags. Otherwise I would’ve tried getting the front bumper.
Well I guess I hit that construction patch a bit hard ....going back to the DaVinci's again....but gonna tint em black..pics when swapped



In the extra time I’ve had the past few weeks I’ve gotten around to transferring my aftermarket speakers from the Cougar to the LS, and I recently hooked up my subwoofer.

Slapped in a driver’s window regulator (again).

I got to digging around the house and found the Bluetooth mic for the radio and hooked it up...then the inevitable finally happened. Now I’m trying to find the center vent for a not so ridiculous price

Washed the 04 LSE and put insurance, plates on.
all I can say is, it's going to throw emissions codes for sure, on both banks, I just know it! <grins>

edit: Greetings Folks!
In the extra time I’ve had the past few weeks I’ve gotten around to transferring my aftermarket speakers from the Cougar to the LS, and I recently hooked up my subwoofer.

Slapped in a driver’s window regulator (again).

I got to digging around the house and found the Bluetooth mic for the radio and hooked it up...then the inevitable finally happened. Now I’m trying to find the center vent for a not so ridiculous price

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Much more affordable to use Gorilla Super Glue


I have the MB aftermarket wheels and wanted something a little more original on my factories...Gun metal peel paint wraps
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Can you link the paint product you used?
This is the brand I used for the over spray but I first used a Matte Black Plasti-Dip over the Wheels ...not sure where your skill level is on using the Plastic-paint product ...might take you some trial and error ...It took me a couple years to get used of the product because it's a lot different than regular spray paint...there is a GUN Metal color out there but by no means does it satisfy what I was looking for ....in order for me to get the results I was looking for I had to first spray black and then spray over the black with silver...in the middle of the wheels ...then I had to spray black over the silver ever so lightly and so on ....and so on...of you get my drift? It's a art form really not much skill involved...experimenting with this plastic peelable paint is the only way to get the results you're looking for ...here is a review by another guy off of amazon ...this might shed some more light


5.0 out of 5 stars Hidden secrets of the Metalizers - I love the Silver version.
Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2016
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First.... Painting is an art of itself, not everyone was born to do good painting, so don't blame your lack of talent on the product. Second, for every technology you need a new level of skills, just because you can manage good results with traditional spray paint doesn't mean that you know how to use Plasti Dip, it is a whole different beast.............. Plasti Dip is a thick rubberized paint that is very different then traditional spray paint, it is very sensitive to the weather, I would not recommend using it on temperatures below 65 degrees........... With all that being said, this is a silver tinted metalizer, meant to go as a second layer on top of the flat black paint................ Just like with all other Plasti Dip product, this works best if you paint with constant pressure and slow continuous strokes, to make a thick coating, make it almost to run to get the best results........ I found that plastic dip color paint and metalizers tend to create texture finish instead of a smooth surface if you don't run it thick, short in distance and constant............. Plasti Dip is thick to begin and the metalizers are even worse with all the metalic particles, it is all very gummy like, sticky, so it is not smooth, it create texture and it takes days to finally dry and cure.............. So use the glossifier afterwards, it helps to smooth the texture in the finish, the glossifier does a lot of things to the process, it serves different purposes.......... I like the silver Metalizer the best, it creates the most vivid results, lots of metal particles, just like the Harley Davidson Hard Candy paint effect/style. But you have to run it thick and do several layers so that you can cover the flat back and create a pleasant bluish metalized finish, it is beautiful, and then add some glossifier to make it even more thick and smooth, it looks really cool all those metal particles deep under a thick coat of gloss, beautiful........... To create a gun metal effect which looks really good under the sunshine but not so good in the dark or shade, don't use too much metalizer, just one coat not too close just to cover the flat black with the metal particles, then do several wet coats of the glosiffier........ You got to experiment with this stuff, so many possibilities......... Buy an extra can of each, one can to experiment, another can for the final job................ By several cans of the flat black, you will need them for the thick base coat................ but you don't need much of the metalizer, one can is enough to accentuate the color effect of your desires.............. These metalizer do have their own glossifier mixed in, if you run them wet, several coats, you might not need the can of glossifier, but since I just wanted to use a little bit of color, that left me with a very rough texurized finish that was not shinny nor smooth............. so I had to run a wet coat of the glossifier which smoothed out the situation............. These paints products are toxic, specially the metalizers which put out those metal particle looking things everywhere in the air mix with that gummy sticky mist cloud, you do not want to breath that stuff and you do not want that stuff in your eyes either, nor on anything important sitting around so cover everything........ please, please, invest the $25 in a respirator mask and goggles combo to protect your longs and yours eyes, amazon sells the 3M respirator really cheap............... Don't do too much at once, I recommend doing one piece item at a time, one everyday, paint outside, then move the one piece inside into a clean room for it to dry. It takes days for this stuff to finally dry and cure and mean while it is a dust magnet. Painting errors and mistakes happens when you tired, so phase yourself, don't do too much at once, make it count in quality so the final product looks good. "
So Luna might like this.. modified my message center to make my 10" android head unit fit flush on the dash....and finished all the bitchy wiring of my eq ect..and got the swc working.


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