What did you do to your LS today?

I also replaced my puddle lamps with leds. I had some pretty cool projector puddle lamps in there that projected a lincoln welcome mat on the ground but I got tired of them beacause they didn't shine light all over the ground as they were projectors not puddle lamps. These led puddle lamps are much better especially beacause they match all of my led interior lights and my led license plate lights and my headlights. There all a nice white blue now.

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I know what emblem projectors your talking about
Man, I love the side skirts, it adds so much to the car. (And those are in very nice shape.)
Thank you, They are pretty rare especially in the shape they are in, basically flawless, couple marks from the previous owner bottoming out but I already wet sanded it down. I lucked out big time, only paid $40 CAD for them.
Today I finally got these cool lincoln embroidered neck pillows I found on ebay and put them in. The tan matches perfectly and they are real leather. Not to mention they look SWEET.




Swapped out my heater control switch on the dash since it was wigging out flashing numbers and everything else!!! replacement in working like a charm now!! ...now to fix that damn EPB service light problem :( (any help is appreciated!!)
Tried flushing out my heater core to solve heat problem replaced DCCV and still nothing went back in to check out some other parts and then broke that smalle hose connection on the T part trying to figure out what the name of the part is
This is before, then after. Did not do it in one day, but.... I cleaned throttle body, changed oil, repainted 1 speaker grille and wrapped some stuff.

Excuse the dirt and missing handle surround, is being painted.
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Had a day off, so moved these jl c2 650's into my Ls. Only got one done today, plan on doing the other by sunday. As these are 6.5 in, had to make an adapter out of wood. These speakers are much better than the stock, everything is very noticably clearer. I still need to put in an external amp for these speakers to get the best performance...... and eventually a couple subs. Here are a couple pics of the stock and the newly installed. Sorry about quality, just finished and it was dark. ( yes, I forgot to paint the adapter black, will do it for the other one.)

Edit- 2/15/20
Today I got the other front speaker switched out. Now I have two JL c2 650x's in the front.
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So some bad things happen car was running fine than all of a sudden the car pretty much lost all power plugged in the scanner and it was telling me 4 ignition coils went bad all at once. I was about 5 miles from home so I limped home about 1/4 mile from home I start hearing this like rattle/ tick coming from the engine, and now it’s really not moving so my neighbor came and pulled me home. I’m thinking the timing chain tensioner broke and the car jumped timing.

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