visteon coils

From what i gather Visteon makes the products themselves. They may be rebranded as motorcraft.
Quickly read over the thread again. I dont know where I read that motorcraft made visteon, maybe I just assumed.

Sounds like these are a good buy. Cheaper than motocraft and last close to motorcraft, if not more, sounds good to me.
Guess I'll buy a set to throw in the corner of the garage for a rainy day. Not sure if my '06 has the original ford parts or not but it's at 57K-mi and engine runs nice and smooth.
Brought me a set today! Cant wait to install them! Def should be worth the buy. get them while u can :cool:
My set just came in today along with my VCG's from Amazon. I'll pick up plugs in town and have another project for the weekend.
There used to be a Visteon plant in my home town. The town was basically built around it. Now its Automotive Component Holdings or something
Going to pick up a set too. Just had the standard misfires at partial throttle around 40-45mph on the way home from work. Great thread.
Sorry to sound redundent but I see a lot of people saying that they have or will order the Visteon coils. Which sounds great, but I have yet to find a post where someone actually lists where to buy the coil.
Is it just ebay or is there some real website I can order from.

Can you use the K&N? Or are you using it dry. I was informed awhile ago that the wet filters mess up the MAS so shouldn't be used. Just curious. Thanks

They're not wet really. It's an oil that's applied to the filter... And the only time it messes up the MAS is when they're over oiled.

I'm thinking about picking up a set of these coils, I'm at 44,5??. And she's still running as clean as a whistle. But you never know.
Did you miss the first post?

It has the link right there. Or simply search visteon coils in ebay. Seller is AlanisDeals.
He wanted something other than eBay, so I found Amazon, lol. 3 posts above yours.
Should there be an issue with using one Visteon and the rest being motorcraft/oem? I have a bad coil in cylinder 4 but most the others have already been replaced.
They are different revisions of the same COP? I forgot which one is the most recent but I remember when getting my Visteon's that they were the old ones. At the price it doesn't matter if they are the new or older revisions.
Can someone explain what the differance is with the following numbers ?

DG508, DG515 & DG529

I would assume DG529 is the latest revision? They increased the shipping price, by the way. Used to be $2x a few months ago.

meanwhile, I'm having my buddy check to see if we can get them locally here.

Thanks folks, actually, that link to the eBay seller, when I put in the year, make & model,
it says those are not compatible with my car. That doesn't make any sense to me.

Understood on the revision. Should I not be concerned that older revisions may not be as good as the latest revision ?

And, has anyone seen any of the DG529's for sale anywhere ?

I would like to get the latest revision with the thinking of they should have been improved on from the previous sets.

Thanks again.
Regardless of revision they're still going to fail at some point. I wasn't and would not be concerned if I were to buy them again.

... that link to the eBay seller, when I put in the year, make & model, it says those are not compatible with my car.

2001 LS V8,

Any idea anyone ?

@ jmtiseo,

Thanks, I won't worry so much about the revision then,
would be nice to have the latest revision but like you said, those will go in time as well.

There is a reasoning for the revision upgrades but if they all work, a part is a part.
If you search on Amazon there is a seller AD auto parts that has them for 39.99 a piece. Type in Lincoln LS coil in search add is on bottom left.

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