RotorPros Brake Package Special GB...

The MGP aluminum covers look pretty good to me, there is a new Mustang at the gym where I go that has them, they look good....pricey but good, and seems to have some heat reducing qualities. I don't think they will fall off, they are not the plastic ones that are glued on. I painted mine, does that make me a wanna be since OEM turn dull gray and rust color?


Im not a fan of stick on stuff. Like i told him its better to paint them or if you really want them to look good powdercoat.

I would think they would make things hotter not cooler.

For $500 i could buy 4 brand new powdercoated calipers. $200 is way too much for covers.
Anyone know if they will sell just a set of F/R SS brake lines??? I tried calling but no one answers. Thanks!!
For those who are running these how are the pads and rotors holding up? Would you get them again?

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