Official LS video clip thread!

Don't be Fn hating now ... I just love this video too much. Sorry!

updated 0-60 run... (actually 0-80) ...half a second quicker than Jan 14th youtube post! [video=youtube;SPzcv3fAS98][/video]Upgrades since last run on 1/14/2013: New Magnaflow exhaust (cat-back w/ X-pipe), new clutch and hydraulic throw-out bearing, re-balanced driveshaft w/new center yoke, new rear differential w/increased final drive ratio... Results: 0-60 in .5sec quicker!
Yup, looks like a 2001 or 2002 first GEN V8 Silver Frost, possible Sport with tint.


Wonder if it's an LVC'er?

Fn looks like my ride!






Late night gratuitous parking lot torque and magnaflow appreciation moment!
Nice sounds real good York.

Just want to point out there is an abnormal sound which can be heard at the very end of
the vid starting around 1:12 as you come to a stop. Some clattering, clucking noises ???
I heard that too... damn near replacing tie rod bushings @ rear end. Although my wallet wants me to believe that the sound was my golf clubs and my daughter's scooter rumbling around in the trunk...

I am very familiar with how dashcams videos make it seem like the vehicle is traveling very slow, but it appears you were going extremely slow in the video. Certainly not fast enough to slide like that.
What are you saying? :shifty:

Corner recommended speed is 40km/h (25mph), I was going 68km/h (42mph). It's a pretty tight turn but I think it might have been a little slick, or my tires weren't fully warmed up.
lol I am saying it just seemed too slow for that reaction, but I guess I underestimated how slow those dashcams make it look.
Yep, it's Starks after Eibach install, but before his hawt wheels.

@Chris: Itronics ITB-100HD

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