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  • If I have tinted windows, do you think packing or duct tape will screw that up? should I go get some of those suction cups from HD?
    I taped the window up right away. after that loosen up the bolt on each plastic clips. Aftr that go ahead and roll the window down, the window will stay up and unbolt the regulator assembly. Pull it out and place the new one in. Bolt it in place and roll the window up. Tighten the bolts on the plastic clips from the new regulator. Make sure you are very careful.. Loosen up the bolts as far as you can before rolling up or you will break them. tighten on the window remove tape and try it out. The drivers side I didn't need to do any adjustments, the passengers side I had to unbolt and rebolt a couple of time.

    Good luck, Glad to help out any way I can.
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