Official LS video clip thread!


We know it's not the battery as it's in the trunk, airbag deployment is strictly interior, so I can only imagine it was the hot cooling system or A/C blowout.

dont think this one was "factory" either



Cut bottom of OEM airbox out, installed K&N air filter, and she sounds beautiful!
$6 at junkyard for airbox of a wrecked 06
$45 for the filter
30 mins of total cut and install time...

Pretty impressive sound I say for this being all I've done!
I went in expecting basically nothing and this actually worked really well! Good mod for someone who has basically nothing in there wallet!

Forgot to mention..
2004 V6
Will take a better video of exhaust note once the car is back on the road (winter needs to end REALLY bad). Sorry for the garage echo.

Nice! love the indoor echo sound, No exhaust or Bassani's?
Thanks! No exhaust at all from the cats back actually lol
Originally had Magnaflows then decided to do a resonator delete but after removing the exhaust I fired the car up and it sounded so damn mean I just left it off completely lol
LOL!!! Nascar Loud. Sounds awesome.
Yeah I love it and haven't got in trouble yet lol
Hopefully you'll get to hear it in person if this Whitby/Oshawa meet happens!

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