Official LS video clip thread!

i clicked the link and it took me to facebook to view the video , short vid but man does it sound evil
[video=youtube;_d4JHvBLsuY][/video] Turn up your sound-I used an I-phone to record and my 11 year old son was revving the motor!

Lame video of my Bassanis lol! Super dark and bad video quality. Makes it seem more raspy than it sounds in person. Friend recorded me driving off from his house with his Galaxy S3 I believe. Also the car is loaded down heavy with alot of stuff due to me moving to new apartment.


^ couldn't fit the 32's on huh? ... paint is nice but that's about it.​
is it me or do people who do this cant tell the difference between a Gen 1 and Gen 2 :slap:
Everytime I see a car like that I imagine a bunch of them circled up fighting off indians...
Fn bullcrap garbage like the above oversized rim vids should be deleted from this fine forum.
Noot into the oversize rims Hot wheels look.
Rather be L & S
o e
w x

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