Official LS video clip thread!

Nah, easy to to catch this way and I don't have to bend down as far to get the drugs out of the car. Easy on my back. ;)
A short video of my 2006 LS with LED signals in the rear. I will post another for night time. The jury is still out as to whether I want to keep these in or not because they are more yellow than amber which can cause a problem safety wise.

2006 Lincoln LS with rear LED turn signals.:
I've always wanted to see red bulbs in the clear housings...
I'm thinking of trying that next. Stay tuned. Same Robot time. Same Robot channel.

If the reds work, I will put the yellows up front.
So, he had Native American plates on (before he took them off)? Not to sound too judgemental, but he did not "seem" Native American from the distance.

WHat the latest on him getting picked up and served or at least being held responsible?

More importantly, how is the rebuild of the car going?

EDIT: I now read your other post about the other party getting notified.
drizz, I'm terribly sorry for your troubles, glad you are OK and hoping all works out in the end.

Now ... please don't take this the wrong way, and I'm not sure if you US folks are afraid of possible guns in the vehicles or what, BUT personally me, myself, I would have given chase while on the phone with police, and if I would have gotten a hold of him before they arrived on scene, I would have made a suggestive personal attack, self-defense maneuver to beat him to within an inch of his life!

You handled it rather well and calmly, kudos to you on that, myself I'm a bit more of a hot head and would have FREAKED OUT... it would have made the news that same night!!!

PS: RAM a DODGE or DODGE a RAM much?
Yea without the dashcam I was going to chase him down to get ID/Call cops to pursue. But driving with a deployed airbag is very dangerous and I'm sure if he went through the trouble to remove his tag, he would have been driving aggressively to get away. This was in post 5pm weekday traffic, so it was very heavy (hence going 27 mph on interstate).
airbag went off? thought I read in other thread it didn't.

either or ... cooler heads prevail, just makes one angry at times.

True story, this past winter, at a convenience store, just got back into my winter beater 97' Cali-Maxima (mint shape), was removing wrapper off pack of smokes, this fat c*nt pulls up besides me and opens her door HARD into the side of mine, she looks and starts apologizing. I roll down the passenger window and tell her, "LADY I don't care because it's my winter car but if it was my Lincoln you'd been walking home funny"

... as I drive off, I can see in my review, she standing there looking all confused!

I LOL'ed ... cuz I could!
Police didn't care because there was no injury or death. They don't really pursue damage-only accidents after-the-fact.

All my insurance told me, was they found the guy - he was in a company vehicle. So I got my deductible back and no hit to my own insurance. Not sure if he got fired or anything, I don't even know the guy's name.
I'd be in prison after this. I wouldn't have hit him either but, I drive using the Smith System.
Drizz, try not to drive near the green grass, it messes with peoples conception of what is what.

Great to see you have it all back together and out running again. +1 (missed the updates)
[video] JybHIiOjM0MCwicmxhIjo1MTJ9&rl=340&vabr=189&oh=09993a8588d0aed45a8fd5a213f177fa&oe=55CEB6C0[/video]
2005 v8 magflow xpipe
borla pro xs dual in out 2.25 pipe into 2.5 pipe the last foot or so to accomodate 2.5 inch to 4 inch gibson slash cut tips.
every thing else is stock
Sounds real nice Robby,
did the Borla duel in/out not have an x formation on the inside. If so the additional X pipe may not have been needed, only reason I mention this is because I've seen a Magnaflow which did but yet one that did not. Also did you leave the resonators in place or delete?

I've got Bassani's mufflers, Magnaflow X Pipe on 2.5 SS, res delete on my 01
Looking to do a duel in/out on my 04 LSE eventually. Probably go Magnaflow and res delete.

Again, sounds great man! Nice tone to it. Gonna turn heads when you get on it for sure!

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