Mlara1129's C-List Finds

Mine is an 05, I had a couple of issues, Front wheel bearing and a/c I had to fix, but very nice just the same. 131,000 miles. $2500.00 cash. I got it off Craigslist from an individual.
you are right LS4me I dont see the "ribs" either , if indeed he has the Gen 2 outers and Gen 1 inners then this is nowhere near that price
i do too...on gen 2's. Just like the uniqueness of them... I was this close to getting a set from LSK back when he still operated honorably. A month short of his last set.
haha definetly worth the 12k then , 5k for the car and 7k worth of crack in the back
My point in posting that was it's a 2005 but it has Gen 1 headlights. Doesn't sound "like new" to me. Something must have happened

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