Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

what do you see on the 2nd one, the one with 79k?

The 1st one you posted (the one with 79k on it) has something weird going on with the front end. Look at the fender to door gaps on both side, its too wide on the drivers side and even wider on the passenger side and the hood doesn't line up quite right. Also the front of passenger side fender doesn't look right, like it was repaired with body filler or something..obviously you'd have to look at in person to tell but if it stands out that much in a picture what does that tell ya?
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I think this is the only carriage top I have ever seen that isn't repulsive. I could rock it in a pinch:

...although it looks like he put the front license plate through the garbage disposal prior to installation.

And this one... pretty clean with the chrome snowflakes...

Lol at the garbage disposal comment..and those tops look bad but this one just doesn't look AS bad..hard to justify paying $4500 for one with a vinyl top..I guess someone will buy it.

That white 95 looks goood!! Amazing what chrome 20 spokes do for the overall look of the car..this one looks so much more aestheticly pleasing than the 31k mile 96 that I just posted.
I like that! Buy it dude! You say you want another one yeah?
I wouldn't mind having it, 4500 seems a lot for a car with 115k on it
I ghave two Marks now, plus my pick up..I'm wishing I didn't have this white 96, I'm afraid it's got some leaks that will have to be resolved (PS and possibly oil pain gask)...but it's a $700 car with 109k on it
Maybe in no hurry to sell or settle for less than what (he thinks) he can get for it...
2 Mark VIIIs for $600.

More Chrome PLEASE!


I'm thinking maybe some chrome by the wiper cowl and definitely some on the trunk. Should be good to go after that!!! LOL. Nice find.

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