Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

Damn how many Mark VIIIs do you have now lol. Do you need a support group for this addiction haha.

I only have four. My friend in New Jersey wanted a low mileage one. He has a 97 with 155k. My good friend Elliott and I checked it out last week. It actually has 37308 miles. Although the interior is dirty, the seats appear as though they were never sat on! The console and cupholder look like they were never used. The headliner is shot along with the new dry rotted tires from 2006. Carfax shows that it was driven less than 2000 miles since 2006. Other than a good cleaning, new headliner, tires, and removal of horrible wheel lip moldings,its a real nice driver. I love it and would have been all over it but I love the ones I have already. It is being shipped up next week.
the exterior says abused. it has sat a lot.
but the driver side seat bolster says low ish mileage. but even so, it doesn't look like i think 35k interior should.

its just an example to prove mileage isn't everything. not by a long shot.
What a tool. Absolutely no description other than 'make offer; Be real'.
I know, right?? I don't know which Continental-Mark model this is, but if it's a V...I worked for a tool in that town doing a little auto body work, and he had what I'm quite certain was a black Mark V stowed away under a plastic sheet in the corner of his shop space.
China Blue numbers (?)

Posted (493 and earlier) this one earlier on here and got replies...great answers/thoughts, which I am just now reading. Still for sale now at 1500...I had another reason to fly to Portland ...a pilgrimage of sorts. My Dad's great grandfather and namesake, Allen Morrow Acheson, took the Oregon trail to be a pastor at a small church in OR.

Still curious about the color and production numbers...I like the color. Yeah, I know sales guys pretty well. I go with my gut...he sounded as honest as a used car salesman can be...they gotta make a buck too! :cool
It's not a bad looking car, but to get a plane ticket from NC to Portland, then plan on driving it all the way home, IDK. This is just me, but personally, I'd feel kind of iffy about driving any 1994 model car that far having just bought it from a stranger and not being familiar with that particular car's history, upkeep, etc., unless, of course, you've got enough cash on hand to quickly handle any mechanical emergencies you might encounter. If you do really want the car, though, I agree with KeVIIIn- have someone on here who's local to the car check it out for you to be sure it's legit before you spend all the money coming out there to see it. I know the Charlotte area isn't particularly "target-rich" when it comes to finding nice Mark VIII's for cheap; I've been looking for a while too, but, personally, if I wanted to travel to find a nice car, I'd try looking a little closer. I've seen some good deals on Mark VIII's on the Atlanta craigslist, for one (haven't looked on there in a while, so IDK what's on there right now). I'm not trying to discourage you from that car, but trying to give you some ideas to hopefully help. Good luck!

Thanks! just seeing your reply...I have other reason(s) to travel to Portland....I don't disaggree with anything you or the others have posted here abt this car... Yeah probably a piece of junk as it is but now that I know more than I ever wanted to know abt this car..."fixin" it up would be fun. Restoration...
98 collectors edition with 85k miles for $2800


something is fishy..
that gauge cluster is not an easy swap.
so either they moved everything (like total wiring harness swap to obd2), or there is something weird going on.
Check out the tail lights..not a 98. Someone did a lot of work converting this over to a 2nd gen nose and interior.

Seeing it on the big screen it becomes very noticeable.
Says $5600 is firm. 40K miles, needs tires as it's been sitting. I'm gonna head up there and see it tomorrow.

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