Franks 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

Yes, still out there, and I realize I haven't updated this thread in FOREVER, but, a LOT has been done since I'e last posted.

I did get a new intake installed!

I put on some new brakes

Converted the Neon to LED (dual stage of course!)

Built my own window seal

Lots of work has been done, and I've been saving lots of the details for the Fabulous Fords Forever show on April 19th!
Nice! Looking back through the post see many things that are relevant to my car, things you have fixed or improved.

Hope to see it in person this weekend!
Frank - It's time for one of your detailed posts - particularly for us diehards who have been lurking and attempting to duplicate your process. I am shooting for being mechanically and electronically OEM by end of summer, and the LED conversion with brakelights has me very curious as to your method.
Yup, time for him to update this thread. I won't spoil any of it, I refrained from taking any pictures because I couldn't not share if I had.
Don't worry folks, I am paying attention out here! Figured its time for another post of a few more touchups I've done for now.

Did some paint touchup today, this was my own fault on this one.

Looks much better now!!

The fender sides in the engine bay were also starting to show significant wear for an unknown reason.

In process.

But, after some sanding, painting, and a really nice coat of clearcoat it looks MUCH BETTER!
Kool car! Very tasteful mods.

Any details on where to get the different colored LEDs and what you did to install them in the door handles and switches. I would like to do red myself... Thank you for the inspiration.
Time for some more photos!

We will start off with a new front photo showing a few changes that have been made.


Cleaning up the seats a bit with some fresh dye!

Sitting pretty in Winslow, AZ



Engine side shot with painted shock tower covers.

Engine close up

Custom intake tube

and the whole engine
Some things I found interesting are the EGR setup (not deleted), the LED highbeams (and bi-xenon replacing low beam projectors), the trim around the rear window, would like to see the image of the re-dyed seats (think that was after I saw the car) that doesn't seem to show up.
I don't know why the re-dyed seats image refuses to show, I probably need to delete and re-upload it to photobucket.
Finally got the Viper 5704 Alarm installed with Remote Start + Window + Stereo + Sunroof + suspension control installed.




Also finished up the final "for sale" version of the suspension switch
Oh! And when I did the alarm I also replaced my blend door with a new one, fully trimmed, slotted, and re-enforced. My giant arms looks like the'd been attacked by a wild animal.
Reading all your post,,cause I'm laid up from an operation and temp on a Walker. You have done A FANSTASTIC JOB on your MARK. Keep On Keepin On. I LOVE THAT REAR WINDOW SEAL. How did you do that without a window replacement. I have a 95 Mark. 46,696 miles on her. All stock. I'm in the trucking business and just don't have the time. LOVE YOUR MARK. Thank You

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