Black loaded 06 parting out.

Tmoney's inbox must be poppin'!

Parting out a car would be a PITA.
Tmoney's inbox must be poppin'!

Parting out a car would be a PITA.

Oh trust me it's way more then a PITA! And now I have 3 ls's at my house. Lol. Neighbors are gunna think I'm a little crazy.

I want to try and ship your stuff out next week. I will have them off by Monday night. I'll inbox you and show pics and request money.

And yes I can barely keep up with my
Inbox. But it's lookin like I might just break even with how
Much I paid to get the damn car back.
Nav is still avaliable and so are thx speakers. Shoot me your offers. Also exhaust tips, pillar posts, rubber seal on all 4 doors, and hid parts still avaliable.
Could you get the weather stripping off the front door frames? ...not the seals off the doors themselves
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Sorry to see this. The car did look nice! I assume you were OK in the wreck?

If it's the same as my '03 (I think it is), I could use the center vent surround. Please let me know.

Thank you.

If the fog lights are standard and not hid, I am interested in them and the braces for them. Pm an asking price please.
Pm sent on the exhaust tips. May be able to make 2 purchases at once if they are available. :)
I learned that after I asked the question but thx for looking out Black. Pm replied to T.....we have a deal on both items. :)
Yes we have a deal haha. And for anyone still wondering what's left to buy I'm going to be adding a bunch of pics to this thread bump bump of all the items I have left and if anyone shall want anything theycan pm me.
I'm still wondering if you have that rear surround available. Sent PM a couple days ago without reply. Let me know.
T....let's have a talk on the rear bumper cover. I know the lower valance has been spoken for. :)

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