Black loaded 06 parting out.

Wait.....what model number on the coil packs? Crossing my fingers......
DG-529 is what I am looking for. Let me know if the sale falls through and they are what I want.
Not a dead thread. Many parts sill up for grabbs.

I don't think you want the bumper. I just remembered I cut it to get the lower grill LSE chrome trim out I cut the section with the lower grill out to make it easy.

You'd be amazed what I can do with fiberglass. If it's not a pain, I'd still love to see some pics of the damage. If not, no worries either.
I'll help him out a bit :cool:

does that look fixable darkshadow?
How much for ur wood shift knob.. and a 6x8 door speaker....
does that look fixable darkshadow?

It's worse then that. I cut out the part that surrounds the lower grill in order to make it easy to get the chrome LSE trim out lol. So there is a chunk missing in the middle of the lower bumper. But he still wants pics to see what he could work with it
How much for ur wood shift knob.. and a 6x8 door speaker....

Shift knob is sold. And just one door speaker. It's a thx one. I don't know if the wiring is different if you don't have thx but that's what I got.
Yeah, got it in good shape, thanks!
If anyone was talking to me about parts and then I never got back to you or anything but you still were interested please get ahold of me again. My computer crashed and I am awaiting a new one from my brother who works at apple in Cali. So I've been on my phone and it's hard to be organized with all these sales on a Mobil device haha. Thanks and sorry for the trouble
I think I could. It's a lot of work. But could be worth it.

Ah I wish it was light out I'd take the picks right now even though it's flurrying.

You do realize it will not come with the lower grill, the lower grill chrome trim piece, and no fogs either.
Yup,...I'd remove lower girl and chrome anyhow. I have a five foot roll of stainless mesh, and I'm working on a 5x3 sheet of perforated metal to do a Mclaren style grill. I am doing a custom gen one bumper, and wouldn't mind havin a custom gen II bumper too. Halo fogs are the directioni'm going either way. I am building carbon wrapped square plates to put in my gen I bumper, but could easily fab brackets for a gen II.
what is the story on the center console lid??? was it ever available? if so, did any sales fall through?

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