Black loaded 06 parting out.


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Feb 1, 2011
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Illinois valley
So many of you know I was hit head on oct 9th... I recently bought the car back from auction to get my wheels back...

Here's the deal.. I am not mechanically inclined nor do i have any hook ups at dealerships or anything.. However if someone on here wants this car or has the right hook ups to fix it, you could rebuild the title..

First I'm going to try and sell it as is. so anyone who might be interested in it PM me and well talk price/details..
If no one wants to buy it. then i will be parting out.. In order to do this fair if you think you would be interested in a part just get at me now.. that way i can put that that part in not available anymore and then if no one buys the car you can have the part you requested.

2006 46,000 miles
Black leather
back up sensors
thx sound.
did have hid's the passenger one still works.
side airbags
this vehicle will have 02 stock 17" 5 spoke alloys..
Very Very well maintained..
Skirts and rear valance are already sold off the car.

front end damage. both front airbags went off cracked windshield.

more pictures available upon request.








I hope this add makes sense.. This is a low mileage LS that was maintained well until I was hit.. It is loaded (except rear heated seats). I would fix if i had some sort of connection to a mechanic, or parts dealer.. anything.. I'm not looking for a ridiculous amount of money for the car. It should be a good deal for anyone who is capable of fixing..
Man, that was a beautiful car. i'm partial to black anyway. Sorry to see an LS get wiped ot.
HEY! I been looking for these skirts for a year now! Don't hate! lol

If you end up tearing it up and full blown parting, I also want the lid to the center console (if willing to sell that part alone).
The LSE will be up for sale very soon. I miss my 06 and reds not my fav color lol. It looks good on the ls, just not with me driving it. Know anyone haha. ?

Yes I do! He's right here
How much did you get her for?
Yes I do! He's right here
How much did you get her for?

That's classified information. If you really want it. I'll break it down to you in a private
Message in a few weeks when I'm closer to selling. I can't sell until I find another 06 with under 35k or a 2003 aviator kitty hawk.
If I was close I'd buy the whole interior and swap my dove gray to black.
I also want the lid to the center console (if willing to sell that part alone).

are you looking for the actual leather part, or some other part of the lid. i'm only asking because i need the latch part that actually holds the lid down, if you do end up getting that part and the latch is not something that you need, let me know and we can work something out. however im sure you probably need the lid for the same reason that i
Sorry to hear about this T Money.

I'm in the market for several interior pieces at least. I'm Carbondale, IL.. are you close?

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