Accepting 2014 LVC LS Calendar Entries!!!!

Bumping topic. Deadline is coming fast guys. Don't wait to long
Why not.........


sorry tried to upload one and two came up. cant figure out how to remove one of them grr
Thanks for all the compliments gentlemen, one of my best shots ever, not just of the LS.

Now the rest of you need to submit your pics so we can actually have a calendar.
yup those badges look sweet. Decals?

and where have I seen that before, Lincoln brochure or something?
I'm waiting to see if the weather will clear up, if not I'll enter a picture from a while ago.
I'll have to push my car to a nice place to take pictures, so I don't think I will enter a new picture, but maybe an older one.
9 entries so far.

Any chance we can extend the deadline one week to give us a chance to get as many entries as possible. They are calling for rain Thursday-Sunday. This weekend was when I was going to take pictures of each of them.

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