06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

For you to make the conversion would be a whole lot easier than what I went through. I am envious for just that fact alone. LOL.
Technically, I only have $50(for the pair) in my side skirts too. LOL
I am ready to see it on the color your have. I have a feeling that it is going to be stunning.
I am ready to see it on the color your have. I have a feeling that it is going to be stunning.

Lol I have searched for an autumn red LSE gen 1 on here and only found 1, But did not have the 06 front conversion ;)
Guess who has to buy a new set of Magnaflow mufflers because the ones on my car now, part of a Magnaflow Catback, do not line up with the cutouts? Found some XL 3' s on eBay for $49 a piece(shipped). Guess I am going to have some mufflers for sale soon if I cannot reverse what I have and make them work. If it comes to that, I will sell them extra cheap since they are older but do work fine.
Well friends, I got it back today. I'll do a few more pics once the tips are on and after I detail it.

Very nice ride! I'm really diggin your wheels! Maybe you should color match the lip......or not either way it all looks good!
Thx man. If it was more of a ceramic white, I would go for it but it is pearl so I would not be willing to test my luck. The wheels were just refinished in the Spring so luckily I should have a good run with them.
Lol my bad I ment color match the lip to the wheel. All blacked out. Still looks solid I like them a lot.
That's looks good. Remind me of mine when I did my conversion. I still have a set of Gen 2 hids headlights that I haven't installed yet. I plan on putting on some dual tips as well to bring out the lse valence.
Hey Lea. Talk about a blast from the recent past. Have not seen you here for awhile. Glad to hear you like it.

Oh yeah, I got a rear lower valance. LOL. You know yourself that I was hell bent on finding one. How is the new paint job?
Yea man I'm busy these days with work and school at night. The new paint is good. I might need to get my rear surround redone because he didn't prep it good before paint. I haven't really drove it much because I got an issue with my headlights. My low beams have been out ever since I got it back and I've just been so busy to even look at it. I've searched on here about the possible issue. So one weekend I'm going to take the front bumper off and check out the main wiring harness on the passenger side. Once again your LS is looking very nice.
Keep us posted on what you find out. Good to see you are still around.
Just a few pics. Got a chance to wash and wax it this morning.

Thanks again to Hite for the Front License Plate Attachment he fabricated(thank you Hite for no holes into the front of the bumper!!) and Manoli for the custom pearl white emblem(looks even better in person). It feels good to be able to do business with members whose work is top shelf.

And before we start making rotor jokes, I have a very nice surprise coming very soon to resolve that "small" issue. LOL.




Looks sweet Marc! I like the gold calipers alot. Ive been thinking about changing the color of mine but I'm not sure which color to go with.

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