06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

+1. For now, I am the one fighting the trend though. The trim complements the wheels but at least it is an easy Plasti Dip update if I choose to play with the look one day over the next few weeks.

agree, dont do it if you are keeping those wheels. they look 100x cooler bc of the chrome around the windows. a better upgrade would be darker tint imo. i think your car would look slightly better, but its dam good now. youre a smart guy if you shop around you might be able to swing a tint job for next to nothing and make it worth the money
Can't see myself going to 5% on this one. LOL. Too dark for me. :)
Exhaust Tips came back from the powdercoater yesterday. Unfortunately, I cannot have them installed until next week as I have a few things that have come up and I do not have time to drop the car off and make sure they are placed where I prefer. In case anyone wonders, they are Low Gloss Satin Black. There is a difference between the Flat Satin Black and the Low Gloss.



Thx Rell and Alax.

I always loved Alax's exhaust tips in black and then Hite's dual tips. Just decided to merge the two looks. If it were not for Hite reminding me to go with 3.5'' in order to fill out the lse cutouts, I would have made a bad error. LOL. Thx for saving me Hite. :)
No prob Marc...Those are going to look soooo sick. I'm still debating on doing mine in black. I need to get my butt down to the garage and do some plasti-dip on them to see if I like them black before I have them painted. I'm so lazy sometimes!
Hite, with your wheels already being black, I think it would be a killer look on your LS.
I may try it soon, maybe next weekend. I am finishing our 3rd bathroom this weekend...The 'honey-do' list gets longer and longer by the day!
I guess its only fair... I'LL come over a Plasti-Dip your exhaust tips... Its only fair, You've worked on mine, I'll work on yours.....BUT WERE EVEN THEN!!!

Disclaimer: I will not be masking, taping, or even really aiming as i spray. I will also most likely be intoxicated while painting and you may end up with a rather obscene message and or picture. I also refuse to clean up and mess made from this work....and you will owe me $1,000 or i'll take the LSE with me.***
The exhaust tips went on today. The passenger side was done first and they were working on the driver's side in this pic. To get around the issue of the outlet side of the mufflers not even being close to the cutouts, they had to be flipped around to make it work. However, you can pretty much get an idea of where their final placement is based on approximately where the passenger side tips show. Final adjustments were easy and I am comfortable(happy) with the results.

I'll post some better pics of them Sunday. The car and tips are way too dirty and dusty to photograph tonight.

And yes friends, I have already made an appt to have the rear surround color matched. Seriously thinking of having John's Tinted Tails do a light medium spray on my rear lenses over the winter. Anyone else other than Garrison ever use them?

Exhaust 2.jpg
Someday, hopefully, my LS will look like this :rolleyes:

Looks great marc!
I used JTT, they looked great until I melted them. If you go straight black, get LEDs.
Cant wait to see some better pics from a few angles of those tips Marc. I have decided to do mine in black this winter when I have the rear valance off for repair. That will make them easier to paint. Keep us posted on how well the powder coat holds up. I am going to use VHT header paint on mine.
Will do. Just finished washing it so I will get some pics up tonight. My commitment to myself is to wax them and my wheels once a month and keep a decent coat of Honda polish on, and inside, of them between washings.
Follow link

I came across this while searching for moded LSes and engine options (i'm looking to get my engine replaced), thought it was pretty cool. Marc I contacted JMS Racing Engines, he's currently looking for an engine to use for mine.

Next step down. The infamous $125 Craigslist OEM HID's are now on. HUGE thanks to 2000Sport for making the harnesses and to Manoli for refinishing them(look absolutely incredible). Also, my paint guy had his dragstrip toy out and in the body shop so I thought I would share a few pics. In case you wonder, it makes 800hp on engine and is spraying a 400 shot of Nitrous. I have a small video clip of him backing it out that I will upload later on. The McLaren grille will be painted and installed by next weekend and the CDC grill should be ready in about 2-3 weeks.





every time i see what you guys do to your ls makes me want one even more. Problems or no problems i have to get one before christmas
Thanks man. All I can say is, buy one and enjoy the heck out of personalizing it.
Car has really come a long way Marc looks great and your welcome on the headlight's glad you like them ;)

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