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  1. jeffyman215267


    trade in they gave me 4 and sold it for 7 3 days later
  2. jeffyman215267


    miss the ls already,but gave the ls and 10 grand
  3. jeffyman215267


    this is the last time,traded at mccafferty ford for a 2006 mustang gt
  4. jeffyman215267

    overheating problem..Help

    fan pump solinoid all seems to lead to that,had everything replaced last year
  5. jeffyman215267

    overheating problem..Help

    i have been serching this forum also,i am having the same problem as you,let me know what fixed yours
  6. jeffyman215267

    Winter Rim Question

    how about 100 + shipping
  7. jeffyman215267

    Winter Rim Question

    stock 16" rims I will sell u a stock set of rims for 200 plus shipping from 19067
  8. jeffyman215267

    Philadelphia area

    another pic pretty isnt it
  9. jeffyman215267

    Philadelphia area

    If anyone is around the philly area would like to meet for a photo shoot let me know
  10. jeffyman215267

    quick error flash in message center

    i have been trying to see it too,flashes fast,and the mysterious ding,and the advancetrack thingy too,been there done that
  11. jeffyman215267

    Bulb out / no warning?

    ls ghost my left side does it all the time,the socket was rewired by a previous owner,the right side comes up in message center,gettin good with the 3 bolts now.....
  12. jeffyman215267

    remote starter questions

    I have a 2000 ls v8,i would like a remote starter installed,does anyone have one?what kind and what about coded keys?:confused:
  13. jeffyman215267

    whining at cold start

    7 degrees out car has a whining sound for about a minute,anyone have this,heated mirrors,does the rear defroster have to be on,not sure if i even have them,2000 non sport v8
  14. jeffyman215267

    Lincoln LS Parts...New Year Inventory Clearing!

    are the 9005 bulbs brighter when used in place of the fogs?
  15. jeffyman215267


    ohhh the brake light bulb problem,almost forgot about that one,been about a month
  16. jeffyman215267

    Looking for a Service shop manual 01

    Its a good investment and youll surely be needing it with the ls
  17. jeffyman215267

    gen 1 master cylinder

    ford lists them both and 1 with advancetrac w/stability and without,both are 400 bucks
  18. jeffyman215267

    gen 1 master cylinder

    I am trying to find out which master cylinder i need to order,I have a 2000 non sport ls v8 with advancetrac,the ones listed on parts websites have 2 choices with or without vehicle stability dynamics,is that the same as advancetrac??
  19. jeffyman215267

    stock wheels!!!

    i will sell u 4,how much u give me?
  20. jeffyman215267

    Bad Year For The Ls

    i forgot about the grilles that didnt work either,does look pretty though...