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    TSB Information Request - #18320 - VIBRATION FELT FOR A FEW MILES OF DRIVING

    i looked in all data as well and it didn't appear even looking for Ford Thunderbird tsb's, which is is listed here with the other TSBs, but doesn't have any info either
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    Fuel pump tool (all fixed now)

    i used a flat screw driver and a hammer
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    anyone with a obd2 scanner? elm327 readings needed

    i ment something like this, these are the reference values or PIDS from first gen a 3.0 v6 with automatic transmission taken from all data, if you need them for v8 or second gen i can check it out and send them to you i cant post them full size because my photoshop account has the word...
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    anyone with a obd2 scanner? elm327 readings needed

    I just ordered a elm327 interface so i tought i would be nice if everyone with a scanner could post their readings and values so everyone could compare and have an easier diagnostic comparing with a mint condition. ill be posting mine on the weekend
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    Squeaking, Creaking rear door hinges

    well its been more than a year and i still dont have any creack, sound or roughness. and you are wrong, it is a light lubricant and its useful as a residue cleaner, maybe in my case the sound was created by accumulated dirt. that was my suggestion and it worked so let him decide that
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    Squeaking, Creaking rear door hinges

    yeah i had that problem since i washed my car in a self service and sprayed water there. i used a lot of soapy water and a brush to take out all of the grease or dirt, i had carbuclean so i used it as a high pressure spray to make it to the deep where the brush coulndht get lol then i cleaned it...
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    Cylinder 3 Misfire

    the third from the bumper to the firewall on the passanger side back of the car 4 8 3 7 2 6 1 5 front of the car use the search tool
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    Progress Thread: Interior Restoration

    a pic of everything re-assembled, maybe painting other pieces, further plans, i dont know
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    Progress Thread: Interior Restoration

    any updates?
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    Waiting Room

    Im planning on starting a detailing business, i live in Juarez, Mexico. in the border with El paso, Texas. i ordered a portercable 7424 xp with adam polishes and ill try recoloring my whole interior with SEM color coat and leathermagic filler to fix cracks in the leather, see the results and...
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    Possible Fuel Pump Issue :/

    When you turn your key on listen for the fuel pump sound, if it doesnt sound your pump is bad and need to be replaced, you could take off your back seat and the black plastic to get a louder noise. I have a fully working fuel pump that i changed because of a missdiagnostic so i could sell it to...
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    Don't you just hate it when you come out to your car and see this.

    did you tried polishing it already?
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    Progress Thread: Interior Restoration

    Nice result, do you have any plans on your cracked seats?
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    if you could choose ANY wood trim what would you choose?

    I have an idea of changing the whole interior trim with vinyl. i made a few examples for you. im not very good with photoshop but i would have chosen burlwood honey, i've been searching too and have a look at this SEM color coat, you can change your...
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    Progress Thread: Interior Restoration

    Just to share some ideas i have to restore my interior as well. with the vinyl wrap you can use spray glue and then wrap it while using a hair dryer to give it shape, makes it a lot easier. you can pinch the bubble with a needle to get the air out and after that just use a warm wet cloth to...
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    Why wont these work on 2000 to 2002 LS'S?

    im not sure, but once i wanted a second gen key for my 2002 so i went to a key shop and he said, yeah everything will work. so i guess it will, but ill ask again
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    Are these eBay parts legit?

    I have my car since 2008 and i have bought/changed ebay cheap coils twice, i wouldnt buy anything else now. I dont know about the performance, but they've worked pretty decent to me, so yeah ho ahead and buy them. i totally recommend ebay coils, i have bought from global automotive and from abcmart.
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    Hi, i was just wondering did you fix the problem with the o2 sensor with low voltage? I'm...

    Hi, i was just wondering did you fix the problem with the o2 sensor with low voltage? I'm having the same trouble with bank 1 sensor 1 idle at 0.05v while the others fluctuate from 0.4 to 0.9, im looking forward to your advice
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    stuff for sale CHEAP!

    pm sent