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    It's been a longtime!

    Hello my fellow LVC members. It's been a over a year and some change since I've been active on the site. I dropped in from time to time to see what has been going on. I had started back school so that started taking up my time. I recently moved from VA to Texas due to a pcs in the military...
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    trans flush

    Look into Amsoil. They make great lubricants and use them in all of my vehicles.
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    No fuel.......................

    I'm having that issue now as well. It's at the shop as we speak getting that taking care of as well as new valve covers , coils and spark plugs.
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    Spark Plug Layout on V8

    Good luck. Rule of thumb if you haven't read or figure it out is to replace them all. If you are replacing spark plugs and you find out that you have oil on them, then you have leaking valve cover gaskets. More than likely more than that one spark plug will need replacing.
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    new to the ls with wheel question

    Hi guys been out of the loop for a minute. Check my profile and you will see that I had rim with an two inch lip. The only thing to remember you don't want to go below 38 mm on your offset. The wheels I use to have with the lip had a 35 mm offset and the wheels will sit flush with the fenders...
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    Wondering about the LS demographic...

    Hello everyone, 35 soon to be 36 in August. I'm originally from MS and I'm currently in the Air Force stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton Va for the last 8 1/2 years. I've had my 2001 LS for eight years and currently have 105k on the clock. Don't drive it everyday as I have a 04 Tacoma that I...
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    Got my windows Tinted

    I see you are in VA Beach. I'm in Hampton. I had 35% on my LS for about three years after I bought it and never had a problem. I can't do the 50% it's just too light for me on my car but I did put it on the front windows of my Tacoma. Nice LS by the way.
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    01 LV V8 thoughts

    I actually meant jump on the deal of the car, lol.
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    01 LV V8 thoughts

    Jump on it, jump on it!
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    My 1st Gen LS Project "thre3N9NE" (due, August 2013) + PICTURES!

    Car looks real clean and simple. The rims to me are just the right touch with the design of them. I'm looking at doing my window trim as well but I got to figure out wile the front ones won't stay down. Ever since I got it back from the paint shop they won't stay down. Don't know how they...
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    Great. LS wants to play games. Need an opinion here..

    Great thread. I experienced this twice within the last month. The first time I just went to the car wash which is not even quarter of a mile up the street from my house. When I do the coils I'm going to scrutinized everything while I'm in there.
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    Car cover..

    Here's my two cent. Before I bought my house I didn't have a garage so I was in the same boat as you. But being in the military and being gone for months I would leave my car in good hands with a friend but it still sat outside. One year I bought a car cover from the Lincoln dealership that...
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    Any Gen I LSE kits still available?

    You only need the second gen header panel if you swicth to second gen headlights. And no it doesn't come with the bumper. It's sold separately.
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    Yea he said he has more than 10 available.
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    Any Gen I LSE kits still available?

    As other members have said. Go with the Gen 2 bumper. Gen 1 LSE parts are very very rare unless you find them in a salvage yard.