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    Wanted 98 Mark VIII Front Air Springs or rebuild kits

    hate these ole girls on coils ... getting harder to find Front Air springs, only listings I found was Chinese .. not much confidence there .. everyone keeps saying I see them new online all the time.. but if you click on the listing .. it is out of stock .. there used to be some posts about...
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    Arnott® Introduces New Air Compressor for '97-'06 Lincoln Navigator

    I would really suggest making a connector and getting the dryer further from the compressor, I have thought of trying to fab one from parts, seems logical that some distance would allowed better absorption of moisture in the system
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    blend air door metal arm

    need several of these ... and some to put on shelf for future use
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    Well this happened today. Got hit by a non driving *^%\<}>#%*!

    sent pics to my body guy $ 1000 for his "patch and match" for tight budgets $ 2500 very few could ever tell it was damaged $ 4000 for show car circuit doubtful another body man could even tell it was repaired
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    ISO Mark 8 Gen 2 nose clip/ SRS bags

    due to icy roads , I am needing everything forward of the radiator support on my DD gen 2 LSC and 2 both SRS airbags tan .... was a great car, would like to see her on the road again , but with price of parts may just buy another LSC and let her become a parts car... sad another one off the road
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    FS: Gen I & Gen II Parts

    grey gen 2 fuse cover?
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    For Sale 1997 Mark 8 LSC Parts for Sale

    was the CAI available? interior color grey or tan cant tell.. how many miles on engine? price?
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    For Sale Selling out for sturgis

    dang just saw didn't even get a chance ...congrats
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    new MARK acquisitions 98 C/E and 89 vert

    89 vert Saw this car not catch reserve ... several times and knew she would need work So I offered them 4 grand was pleasantly surprised the extra bracing is incredible the conv top mechanism is well designed and works well almost exact copy of the stangs skeleton I don't like...
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    new MARK acquisitions 98 C/E and 89 vert

    top up and door tags here a shot of top up It is a power top and all 4 windows are power has plastic back window for NOW also a nice headliner when it dries up and I find time I will try to take a pan shot of some nice rides as far as the collectors I haven't searched any info on...
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    new MARK acquisitions 98 C/E and 89 vert

    I just had to share the newest additions to the family. A 98 Mark VIII C/E some minor electrical issues 80 K miles And 89 Mark VII convertible 80 K miles in need of lots of TLC the navigator got new lights, all are happy ... except IMHO they are jealous the Mark VII can go topless ...
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    WTB 98 Mark 8 left rear speed sensor

    parts sorry about delay in reply those prices seem competitive would you happen to have a wood grain stereo surround? or perhaps a ballast for the rear neon? also have issue with low fan speed on HVAC haven't traced cause, was related that most likely control module which payment...
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    Another run...Stainless Steel Solid Rear Shock Mount/Bushing Kits

    mounts I am interested, please PM me when available
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    need neon ballast for C/E if you have the whole neon unit in red I might be interested...

    need neon ballast for C/E if you have the whole neon unit in red I might be interested andrew 270 519 0588
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    Parting out my 97 MARK VIII BLK on BLK

    parts wish was 98 need left rear speed sensor got a 98 collectors need drivers recline switch passenger seat track rear neon on another need wood grain stereo surround seems rear air shocks are weak (squirrelly) blower fan weak call andrew 270 519 0588