Wanted 98 Mark VIII Front Air Springs or rebuild kits


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Apr 28, 2004
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Boaz, Kentucky, United States
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hate these ole girls on coils ... getting harder to find Front Air springs, only listings I found was Chinese .. not much confidence there .. everyone keeps saying I see them new online all the time.. but if you click on the listing .. it is out of stock .. there used to be some posts about rebuilding them, some even with specialty shocks.. If I could just find a supplier for the bags themselves.. I would attempt to rebuild a set ..
I bought and found two sets of brand new front airbag and spring sets and fitted to my cars. They are on the internet.
When rebuilding the entire air bag system, do it yourself because you will take time to do it right. All the cars I have set up this way do not go down at all, even when standing for a few weeks. The connections from dryer to each airbag must be a virgin connection. the pipe that goes into the dryer and airbag is a two part pipe. The inner pipe is hard, WHITE and durable and the outter BLACK rubber pipe just protects this white hard inner pipe. Once you pull out the pipe from the dryer, cut off 1 inch 100% perpendicular. Without touching this white pipe, carefully peel back the black rubber protector by a further 1 inch. Only now can you insert the white pipe into the dryer, and you will have a virgin connection as the factory wanted it to be. Those brass gromets clamp down hard on the white pipe and leave dents in the pipe the human eye cannot see. Your car once done at every point will not leak on bit of air at anytime. 954-720-0475 andrew howya@sprynet.com

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