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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    Looks like Ford recognizes that they have really screwed up the Lincoln. Let's...
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    Epic fail

    I went to the local Lincoln dealer this week and while waiting for my car, I walked thru the car lot. He had 2 MKT's sitting there. Both had been marked down $8000 from the sticker. What was more telling, both had state inspection stickers 2/12. They have been sitting on the lot for 8...
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    Epic fail

    I haven't seen an MKT on the road for weeks. In fact when I see one I am intrigued because they are so rare. I agree with Haywood, Lincoln is in serious need of reform or they are history. They seem to have lost their way.
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    Ford Looks to (Finally) Revitalize Lincoln — Is It Enough?

    Lincoln lost me when the got rid of the LS. I could care less about the current models.
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    Saw an MKT I finally saw an MKT, I was on vacation in Hawaii two weeks ago and it passed me on the hwy. First time I had seen one in months.
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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    Another article also gave the statistic that Lincoln had the lowest owner loyalty of all the luxury brands. Around 40%. On a positive note , the CEO of Ford met w/dealers and told them that Ford is making a commitment to rejuvenate the Lincoln brand. If I was the CEO I would fire the...
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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    I have to agree w/thaywood. Lincoln really screwed the pooch when they went to FWD. I just read an article that Lincoln sales are down 36% from last year. They are doing terrible. The local L/M dealer just shut his doors in Chesapeake, another Ford dealer took over the Lincoln...
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    I don't think the public is impressed either. I have seen 2 MKT's on the highway in 2 mos.
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    Sold my LS- Bought an MKX

    How do you like the MKX? I almost bought a used one yesterday but decided to wait a little while longer and pay off some bills. I am planning on keeping the LS and let that be my vehicle for a while.
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    MKZ hit and run

    I still wonder why the air bags didn't deploy.
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    MKZ Nav system voted best system by JD Power & Associates

    I believe you have missed my point, sir. Let me reiterate. In my opinion, J.D. Powers is not a valid survey tool. It is mostly used by companies to hype a very select set of criteria which is used in marketing. " Initial Quality" is not as important as long term quality. Which is not...
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    LS evolves even further!!!

    Nice looking car. You did a nice job with it. Doug
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    Saw one at the dealer and am not impressed at all with the style.
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    COPS issue?

    I have 100K on my LS and dreading this issue. How much does it cost to make this repair when it shows up.
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    My New 2004 Lincoln LS

    Nice looking ride. I know you will enjoy having this car. BTW, I used to live in North Kingstown. A very nice area. We really enjoyed our time there. Are you familiar with Butternut Drive? Doug