What do we do for a living??

I'm 19 and I work as a BILL COLLECTOR...yes...it does suck...and no..i wont call you. Actually the money is pretty good and currently im goin to college pursuing my MBA...eventually Im getting in to international real estate. DOIN IT BIG!
Boomhower said:
I am 24 y/o. Just bought my first Lincoln about a month and a half ago. Status: married/divorced, 2 yrs (to the day), re-married now for a yr. in April. Have a 4 y/o son. Hope I learned my lesson the first time:D. Now back to the topic at hand....Currently located in Knoxville TN and work at the corporate headquarters of what we are told is the largest Manufactured housing company (Clayton Homes INC) in the industry. Currently owned by the 2nd richest man in the world, Warren Buffet. For those of you that might ask though, yes they're still "trailers":D. I'll be looking for my progressive consoling when I return on Monday morning...Job description: I sit in front of a computer all day....seriously though, I have been a product designer for 4 yrs now. I work with in a group of about 20 ppl based out of our home office, and upwards of around 50 additional designers in the field. We design the floor plan layouts and provide detailed construction plans for the building of the houses....Pay is good, benefits are great, but it's BORING.

For those of you that have questioned about the college benefits...I have three yrs of high school drafting experience with a program called AutoCad, 1 and a half semesters of computer intergrated drafting and design, and make a few $'s more on the hour than most of the others that have a 2 year associates degree in drafting and design. It's all in who you know and who you ____!!! But it really pays to have a good friend inside to get your foot in the door. Wouldn't be where I am without him....

PS. Sorry for the long post...and am by no means bragging. pls don't read into it that way.

holy crap!!! 24 and divorced and remarried for a year already LOL. I get the first one....but you did it again???? you know what they say...something like "burn me once, shame on you....burn me twice, shame on me"....sorry just messing with you. sounds like you are 24 going on 45....and you answered your own question about "learning the lesson" when you said you got remarried LOL...seriously just kidding, maybe venting a little too:)
I am 31 and have been working for Ferguson Enterprises INC. for thwe last year and a half. The last 8 months I have been on the road up and down the west coast setting up branch warehouses to run with a new computer system. The bad part is thast I bought my LS last weekend and have been waiting all week to get home and drive it.
22, office support specialist 2... pretty much an accountant without the title/pay yet... i go to FIU here in miami and I work part time.. 4 hours a day, jus enough to cover all my expenses.. :)
oh.. the company i work for is Miami dade County.. forgot to mention that.. its a county job.. so the bennys are great..
I am on the disabled list due to severe arthritis, emphasema, and other lung issues. Prior to this I have three degrees: MS/BA, BS/BA, and AAAT. I spent 12 years in the Air Force working Avionics on F-16s. I lived in Germany for 12 years as a civilian contractor. Now, I enjoy photography (weddings and portraits) and driving my Hotrod Lincoln!
P.S. I have 7 grandchildren ages 7 - 13.
yea im 20 and work for a publication comp that makes fda guidline books and i also dropped out of college after failing a semester
A quick update to my initial posting to this forum - I just received word that my disability has been denied after a two year fight. I may go for my second appeal; I'm just not sure yet. I have paid into Social Security for 40+ years, served my country for 12 years on active duty, including time as a civilian during Desert Storm in the Saudi desert, proved my case without a shadow of a doubt, and I still can't get help. I should have stayed in Europe. Sorry, I just had to vent.
hey i work for Landstar Logistics Ops Mng we are a freight brokerage are you guys looking for a new carrier or do you use all your own trucks? I could probably hook you up with a pretty cool deal!!!
well I maybe the oldest here ....54 but still going strong....

working for pratt & whitney canada for 25 years ,as a senior assembler & test operator on turbine aircraft engines .......still crazy for all type of vehicles .

I enjoy V8 engine growll and good handling ......
yesss! I had my share of real muscle cars of the 70 era!
I own a limo service so I only drive Lincolns and of course this means I have more than 1. I did not graduate from college only member of my family not to do so imagine that when your dad is a college professor. If you attend FIU you may know him.
hey everyone! I am 19 got my ls right after graduation. It is a 2000 silver ls with 90k on it now. my pops has his dealship license so i can get ls's or anything for that matter under book price. i get my money from doing modeling. i spent 6 months in italy doin work and makin some cash.
Lmoney said:
i get my money from doing modeling. i spent 6 months in italy doin work and makin some cash.

is that like the living on the E! channel? if so I think that I am ready for a career change. :D
27, I am a finance manager for a Honda dealership in Auburn, Ca. About 30 miles outside of Sacramento. Been in the business going on seven years
Since this was resurrected...... I am an Air Traffic Controller at the world's busiest facility.
Another zombie thread...back from the dead to eat our brains. I am a full-time student, utilizing the post 9/11 G.I.Bill. I Graduate in December, thank God!!
22. Catering Business while I am going through school for Computer Networking. Just got my associates, still no jobs. Time for a bachelors lol
Holy 2006.

24, graduating business student in 3 weeks. Currently have internship at a financial services corporation.

In need of full-time employment fresh outta college. Anyone wanna hire me?! :D
21, detention officer at the famous durango prison (tent city), and I manage a chevron gas station.

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