What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

Trying to build a personal performance vehicle. I have removed all unnecessary items. I am trying to get to 3,400lbs. with as close to 40%frt to 60%rear weight distribution. 450 rear wheel hp.
Winter won't quit ,fast back mark viii

Did new boots on my black 98
I just picked up. Had a bad miss on one it was a boot and the plug was rattling in the head
This is my first post on this thread, so here is an update on our recently purchased 95: It went to an appraiser who looked it over with a fine toothed comb (top to bottom) and appraised it at $7250.00.
I don't think I could sell it for anywhere near that price. But, since we just bought it, there are no plans to sell it.
We are actually getting it ready for our annual 4000 mile excursion to eastern Washington and back.
In the past few days we bought new Michelin Xtour tires from Costco, had the transmission flushed and a new filter installed, installed a new K & N air filter, and changed the engine oil and filter(holy cow, are the oil filters a challenge to dig out of these cars).
I did a minor detailing on the interior, plus cleaning and treating the top with 303 preservative and a quick wax job on the body.
Now I must rest up a bit for the long drive!

Today I just recieved the last of my brake parts and got some cinder blocks to prop up the 97 LSC for parts removal. Tomorrow though.... man tomorrow and the two days after will be non-stop work on two Marks. :(
Jack stands are 100 percent safer
If you don't have jackstands go buy some. Its a basic tool everyone who works on their cars should have. A set of ramps is very handy too.
We drove "Old Blue" 1400+ miles to Spokane Washington a few days ago, and today we spent part of the day cleaning it up after the two day trip.
Ol' Blue in the pines.JPG

Ron & Sue
"I never quite get the nut that holds the steering wheel fixed"

Try letting your imaginary friend drive for awhile, that might fix it.
Thanks Mr. Carr,
That is an example of what we truly appreciate at our garage..................some well thought out, and sincere, friendly advice!
I love road trips!
So do we!
Our Mark VIII did a great job of eating up the road for our 4000 mile round trip, and is safely home in the garage now.
The only problem that we had was the drone from the FlowMaster Mufflers mated to single exhaust under about 70mph/1900rpm.
I replaced the serpantine belt and the hinge spring in the console this evening. I picked up some supplies to detail the engine compartment later this week.
I drove Ivory Pearl, our 95 LSC, from the engine rebuilders in Phoenix to our home in the mountains, 90 miles north.
It was a long trip because I had to continually change speeds and stop a few times on the way to give the new engine a lot of variance in speed and RPMs.
It looks like the new engine is functioning as it should so far, and I am very pleased it.

Left full cropped.jpg
Pretty much everything below the ugly valve covers was replaced, except the bare heads & bare block.
Bored .020, heads & deck milled for proper match, and crank turned 10/10.
TRW forged pistons, Hastings rings, stock cams etc, etc, etc.
This was not one day but...did a division X fuel pump in the stock basket. Pain but it WILL go. New valve cover gaskets and plug tube seals. New 24lbs hr motorsport 6 hole injectors. New performance distributors SOS coils. New brisk LGS plugs. New 3 core KKS hong kong radiator. Be nice to be driving a mans car again instead of puss womans fusion. I hate that taxi cab.




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