Official LS video clip thread!

Yeah, had my daughters hop out and shoot during the busiest time of day on that road. (the look on the face of the driver going the other direction was priceless!) I just bought new (better) tires since then! gonna go and re-shoot soon!!

Hahaha I didn't even acknowledge that other driver. I smell stained underwear.
Here is a little boring clip of me chasing down another LS. Guy had his trunk full so it sat pretty low. No DRLs, had American plates. It's nice to see these cars in motion..

LS Chase - YouTube
haha nice. I always like chasing down LSes. Whenever I get a chance to talk to them, the angel eyes are always center of attention. Followed by the wheels.

Did you wave to him/her?
Drizz. What was jonny law b!tching about? Yor tail tint lol. You can't have that like that.. Really?

I'm looking at the picture of your car in this years calendar. And yes the red looks black on the inner tails where there is no light at all. But the outters looks pretty damn lit up to me.

Btw I love this shot of your car. Money

Edit. Just saw that thread about your updated tails. They are pretty dark, but I bet the light still comes through enough. Anyway. The film is to dark for my taste. I think you could go one shade lighter. And that should also be enough to please jonny law.

When I bought my tint there was 3 different shades. Gun smoke, smoke, and charcoal, I don't remember what was lightest or darkest. But I bought the lightest one. I liked it. But on this next car I'm going to try out the middle one.
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Cop: "You don't have a gun or anything in there do ya?"
I like that! (i kno its not yours). Strobe light kit is still on my LS mod list
That dude so fat, he need a lap dance.

Supersize !!!
forgot to post a vid of my new exhaust


... with a little giggle at the end.


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