Official LS video clip thread!

Good to see some other LS's recognizing one another. I'm always nervous to "chuck up the duece" at fellow LS compatriots worrying that I'll look like one of them "It's a Jeep thing, you just wouldn't understand" individuals.
Lol. A few of my newest friends are ls owners. I pulled up on two at a gas station (2 seperate days, same station). Another had his car at a auto shop, and was standing near it, so i pulled up on him lol. My mom said i need to stop, cuz my car is blacked out haha

thank you very much, great install, looks very impressive and ofcourse ... gives me something to look forward to.
Haha, realized at 13-14 seconds it's your trunk rattling. I thought it was someone flipping through static channels on the teletube. Clean!
Thanks bruh, but it all in the camera. My paint needs some attention lol
Hey guys, no one has posted in this thread for a while so I thought I would give it a bump.. I asked the wifey to record a clip of my car cruisin' so i could see what it looks like in action.. Its not as long as I would have liked, but it gave me a general idea.. I will be recording a few better quality videos soon, as my friend just got a go pro camera and has a very nice studio microphone..

edit- Well I tried embedding it but i couldnt get it to work, even though i have done it before.. ugh..sorry guys
Nothing wrong with that M4rk !
sounds great, little rumble to keep the neighbors awake.
I wish more people would post vids of their LS going through sharp turns at high speeds, so when someone asks me to give them a reason I love the LS, I could just say "This."
Yeah, had my daughters hop out and shoot during the busiest time of day on that road. (the look on the face of the driver going the other direction was priceless!) I just bought new (better) tires since then! gonna go and re-shoot soon!!

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