Official LS Picture Thread


They are from the same set I took not too long ago.
Have about 100 pics from that shoot. all slightly different angles.

You don't think I should post these pics anymore?
Get some new ones already kind of thing?

EDIT - - -

BTW, what do you think of the huge chrome tail pipe delete? Went with something more simple and blacked out.
much better IMO... your good, I wish I could post mine, but its still a cop car... #embarrassing
Told ya, I'd make a pledge donation to assist you with your next CAMO ARMY GREEN dip! ... being serious here!

yeah I'm glad I got rid of the huge chrome tips, was one of those things that looked good on paper but not in reality. They had to go.
That's the first thing I thought of when I seen that pic. Still wondering who bought it. (lucky guy)
Drizz ever sitting low, that sum'bitch!:p

It's a beautiful day
And a beautiful LS. I think we should all start snapping photos of our LSes next to other (non LS) cars. For me, that's when the LS really shows how good it looks even next to newer vehicles.

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