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I had a 3D model made of my Ls. If anyone is interested the guy that made it is on instagram and Facebook. His account @2scale_replicas. Cost me $250.




Heres mine. All stock and in wonderful condition. Currently not running and no one knows what the hell is wrong with it. Im sad. Been after one since forever and felt so lucky to find this one. Got it quite recently and its not even got 50k miles on it and already died :(








My 04 LS v8 “ultimate” (tbd lmao)
Ever seen a second gen with a first gen hood and bumper? Car was rebuilt years ago and they used first gen parts. Steering wheels first gen as well. And no the purple interior lights were not me lol.





A rough 2005? LSE. Ripped out rear door handle, 2 types of LS wheels. Dude with dreadlocks driving did not seem to mind.
1 of 72???? WOW!! Now that is a sweet ride. I love the grey interior. Very tasteful , Lincoln really did a good job on this one. I do believe I've seen this color before but I may be mistaken , still it's nice
Just a few pics of my 03. I actually bought it in 2011 with 39k on it, ended up selling it to my parents in 2016. They owned it until about a month ago when I bought it back again with 68k on the clock. First time around I did a Torrie tune (is he still in business btw?), a magnaflow cat back, a K&N intake, LSE grille, paint matched the rear surround, put on some 18x8 American racing brand wheels, and put in a pioneer double DIN. Since I bought it back I did a brake fluid and cooling system flush, trans filter, fuel filter, oil change, and rear axle oil. I then converted all the exterior lighting and some of the interior lighting over to LED’s (can-bus compatible so no hyper flashing or check bulb warnings), and upgraded to a Sony Bluetooth double DIN head unit with a JBL basshub subwoofer and changed out the door speakers and rear deck 6x8s to some 3 ohm infinitys. Sounds decent without a power amp on the speakers. I don need to pull the deck back out those and change the rear deck 6x8s to use the rca output from the deck to the sub instead of the rear speakers. It did not sound very good so I have the stock amp for those deck speakers unplugged right now. Really glad to have the car back, I had forgotten how smooth and fun these cars are to drive. Really appreciate my parents took such good care of it while they owned it! So far other than basic maintenance all it’s ever needed since 2011 is a set of ignition coils and an A/C compressor. Glad to be back!





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