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Nothing special, '04 V8 Sport. She is dead stock for now. I found her on December 26, 2013 with only 22,990 miles at an Audi dealership in Kalamazoo MI. It was Merry Christmas to me!

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Wow! Nice find. I can't wait till mine is out of the shop so I can start to play.
I wish that was under my hood. Unfortunately I've only got a V6 under there, but I still have a LS so that's a start.
PO had all the service work done at the Lincoln dealership where it was purchased new. I stopped in and requested the full service history. I received an 18 page printout. Among all the work done, the engine coolant, the PS fluid, automatic trany fluid were all flushed and brake system was flushed and bleed. I was pleasantly surprised. I need to drain and fill the differential.
Yeah not bad, if I were you I'd plasti dip them black and maybe leave the chrome alone on the indents in the spoke, that might look hot along with the chrome lip.

Did a little work on the computer tonight using paint program... I am pretty sure this is the way I am going to go. Looks like I need to find a few cans of plasti dip... any recomendations on type or finish (ie. flat or gloss etc..) I do want stay with a black base though...

i know i just wanted to tell you what finish to get and where to tape off to get that look
i know i just wanted to tell you what finish to get and where to tape off to get that look

Sorry, little slow here... (the pic is a little cropped, taken while parked in the parking garage while I am still stuck here at work. I can get a much better one in a few hours.)

I planned on taping around the inner lip and on the little "spokes" just the top and bottom of them (can peel the center part off) I wanted to actually spray over the bolts on the outer lip (not the lug nuts) so they are black also, that way I get a smooth looking chrome lip.
Thank you very much BTW.

boy are you gonna have quite a job masking it off , id take my sweet time on that , gloss or flat would look good either way , but a flat black will bring out your chrome more , can always add gloss if you want to later , cant wait to see the finished product ..good luck

My hobbies include driving around looking for places to take pictures of my car. Unfortunately I don't have one from this angle without a car driving past in the background.


Great ride T-$$$, my most favourite LS on LVC now .... Sorry Hite!​

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