Official LS Picture Thread

Good scenery.

Wait!?! There are LVC Decals now??

I did have them made for $20 at a local vinyl shop. I had the origional decals from LVC on my 2000 LS so I just did a rubbing of them and had the shop duplicate them with my user name on the top.

Love this shot Hite !

Thanks BigRig. I dont know why so many people take pics of LS's in front of dock doors. I just wanted to be cool like everyone else!
Exhibits A & B on why you never take car pictures with the sun beating right into the front of the car :(


Once again, AMAZING QUALITY Bull !!!

very well done Sir.

Love the signs on the fence behind your LS.
For some reason I cannot upload to either Flikr or Photobucket right now... so small thumbnail (uploaded to LVC) will have to suffice.


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