my weekend progress so far.

i painted the letters with testors model paint and a small brush, just paint yours if you want them silver its easy, i have done it to all 4 of my gen 2's
few pics of the mess i made tonight. i dumped 12 quarts of fluid all over the floor, the wall, the fridge and myself, go in the what did you do to your mark thread if you want to read how and why lol.


just ordered my 7 inch reversable electric fan for my trans cooler too, moves 500 cfm i will have this on a keyed power on a switch, so if i forget to shut it off, when i turn the car off it will shut off anyway.
its made by ProComp.
i might, but you wont be able to post a pic of yours, it will get taken off the site, payback is a bitch little kinison.
no i left it all silver its a trans you'll never see it! plus the pan is already back on and the trans is ready for install i wasnt about to pull it apart again, i'm so sick of looking at transmissions lol. i was so beat after i cleaned and painted it i left my shop. 73 outside cruising home with the windows down and the moonroof open in the 98 with the tunes nice and loud, what a gorgeous ride home, i really love my 98, its nice to drive for a change, its slow, quiet and rides like a yacht!! you can post pics i dont care i am too tired to!
Good deal Jamie. Glad its going together well.

I too drove my 98 black LSC today and it was nice. Stock exhaust is dead silent and the ride is very boat like. :lol: Great cruiser.
got the rear knuckles off, axles out, diff out, exhaust off, and convertor nuts off tonight after a long day at work. i have 4 bolts holding the tranny on still, tomorrow morning it will be out. i will pull the driveshaft out then and go get 2 new u-joints and my new trans mount. dont put kooks headers on your :q:q:q:qing mark VIII, i could not get the top starter bolt out. i tried for over an hour and a half and finally got so pissed i called my buddy jake at 10 and asked if he could swing by the shop, i needed 2 more hands, we got it after about 10 minutes, we finally found a sweet spot from up in the engine bay, we had to run a long extention from the air box corner through the tubes of my headers down to the bolt, my god what a total bitch. but its all ready to drop out, new trans has all new seals and everything is ready to rock and roll on that, should make decent progress tomorrow, but right now i am going to turn the shower black i am disgusting!!
That's why that bolt is the "courtesy bolt", if the guy before you leaves it out, he did you a courtesy.
yeah well he didnt, there was no courtesy anywhere on that bastard. this was deffinetly one of my hardest jobs on a mark VIII, mostly due to the kooks headers, the 02 sensors are nearly touching the bellhousing so that was exremely hard to get around without damaging them, getting the 10 mm bolt on the dip stick tube lmfao WOW what a joke that was, getting the 2 bellhousing bolts on the right side of the trans next to the header was fantastic, and getting the trans out after it was all unbolted and getting the new one back up alone was brutal, i could not line the trans up to the block and pull the jack at the same time, the way i abuse my body to get something done alone is gonna put me in my grave quick, or i will be on a mobility scooter when i am 40.
so as it stands right now, i left the shop at 10, i got there at 8:30 this morning, all i have left to do, is remove my current trans cooler, make brackets and install my new cooler, mount the fan to the cooler, cut one line and put my temp sensor inline, hook the temp sensor to the gauge in my pos, wire the cooler fan, put my exhaust back on, fill with fluid, put the wheels on, put the wiper cowl and hood back on and go for a ride. i got the diff in tonight too and got the whole IRS put back together and filled it up with royal purple. i'm gonna take a shower, then come back and post pics. what a f-ing day damn.

i made this years ago when i changed the trans in my white 97 lsc, i almost through this away i am glad i never did, i had to go to work this morning and modify it to fit my current jack, this was made for my old jack and wouldnt fit in the one i have now.















Looks Great! Sounds like all you have left is fairly easy stuff. Looks like you'll be back on the road tomorrow.

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