Longest you kept a car.

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Sep 25, 2004
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I was wondering how long folks here keep their cars. I'll present my list and time lines.

88LSC, first car. 2 years
90LSC 2 years
95 Mark VIII 1 year
96 Mustang GT 1 year
94 MB S500 2 years
98 Lexus LS400 3 years
73 Lincoln Mark IV 1 year

92 LSC I will never sell. It will be 4 years in month or two.
98 LSC Sold finally, after 1 1/2 years.

07 Lexus GS430. 3 month so far. Gonna keep it for a few years most likely, love it so far.

Ive met people who owned the same car for over 10 years. I think its cool. Especially if the car is nice.

Me, I get bored too fast and like to move on to other cars, there are too many good cars out there.

I still want to add a 90-95 Jag XJS to keep my 92 LSC company. That is one car I wanted since I can remember.
My 88 Mark VII from 1997-2008, only drove it from 1997-2001.

My current 98 Mark VIII from 2004-present...
my first ride-
92 Ranger 4x4 (Dad bought new in 92)... I started driving it in 95. ........... family owned for 18 yrs
Sold in 2010 with 235K miles

93 Mustang- [2000-2006] ............................................................... owned 6 yrs

84 SVO Mustang - [2001-2007] ....................................................... owned 6 yrs

89 Mustang - [2004 - Present]... NEVER selling .................................... ...owned 8 yrs

1996 Explorer Limited V8 (Dad bought new in 96) I started driving it in 98 .... family owned for 9 yrs
Sold in 2005 with 123K miles

1996 Explorer XLT V8 AWD - [2003 - 2011] Sold with 198K miles ................. owned for 8 yrs

1996 Explorer Limited 4x4 (Dad bought new in 96) I started driving it in 2008 ...family owned for 16 yrs
195K miles and still running strong.

1988 F-250 Dually 4x4 (Dad bought new in 88 and we both still use it) ...........family owned for 24 yrs

2004 F-150 Supercrew Lariat - [2004 - Present] FOR SALE .......................owned for 8 yrs

1998 Explorer XLT V8 AWD - [2010 - Present] FOR SALE .............................owned for 2 yrs

2006 Explorer EB 4x4 - [2012 - Present] ..................................................owned for 2 WEEKS... just bought it from a friend who bought it in 08

I get attached to my vehicles and dont like to sell them :)
91 Explorer Bought in 01 sold in 04 with 330,000 miles
97 Mountaineer V-8 AWD bought in 04 and still have it but it is for sale
94 Cougar Bought in 06 sold in 08
98 Cobra Bought in 08 and am keeping that one
95 Mark VIII Bought in 08 and am on fence with how long it will say around
90 Foxbody Vert Bought in 09 sold in 2010
00 F-250 PSD Bought in 2010 and it will stick around until I can afford a newer better truck
86 Chevy K10 Bought in Jan 2011 sold in march 2011
08 Taurus Bought in 2011 and still have it (her car)
77 GMC K20 Camper Special Given to us by her father in April 2011, was originally her grandfather's and I am going to restore it so it will never leave

I think that is it.
91 Grand am--First car-------1 year 99-00
97 cavalier hand me down---2 years 00-02
91 caprice--The start of my rwd v8 "thing"--2years 02-04
98 Marquis--6 years--04-10'....07-10' it was the winter beater.
98 Mark 07-present....And not getting rid of it anytime soon
Longest was my last ride, a '73 Ford Econoline E200 van. Healthy 302, three-on-the-tree.
Was my daily driver for about 12 years.
I still have my 1984 stang I bought in 1989. So 23 years now. My other 1990 stang bought in 1999 so 13 years on that one.
85 t-bird 1yr
85 cougar 1yr
86 mustang gt 4yr
84 crown Victoria 4yr
85 dodge daytona 4 months
97 mark viii 03 to current
93 town car 3 yr
98 mark viii 1yr
95 town car 08 to current
96 t-bird 1 yr
97 mark viii 3 months
93 mark viii 1yr
95 mark viii 2010 to current
Wife bought the 97 camaro in 98 we still have it
my 1986 bmw 325es canadian spec... my dad bought it in 1992 and i still have it 20 years later
I've had the '93 since 2000 when I bought it as the wife's daily driver and I'm sure it will be around a long time. The next closest was a '84 customized van we held for 10 years.
79 Z28 own since 94 it's my baby and the wife says she will bury me in it so I can take it with me. Way to much money and time/labor in her to ever get the denero back.

1974 F250- only had it since 1989. Still got it. 3rd 390, C6, built and rusty! Grandpa's truck. He bought it used in 1979.
Currently, I have owned my 98 Mark VIII longer than any other car I've owned. Bought it in December of 2007. There's something about it. :cool:
Ive had my 96 since 06, so 5 years. thats the longest. I cant keep a daily driver for over a year. I just get too bored.
Okay, let's see:

1967 Fairlane Fastback: 2 years
1967 Thunderbird: 1 year
1982 Mustang Ghia hatch: 24 hours
1980 Mustang coupe: 4 yrs
1978 Mustang King Cobra: 1 yr
1979 Lincoln Town Coupe: <1 year
1962 Lincoln Continental: 5yrs
1971 Lincoln Continental: 3 yrs
1962 Mercury Comet S-22 Coupe 144 I-6/2-speed air cooled auto: <3 yrs
1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe: 4 yrs
1987 Mustang Hatch 2.3L 5-speed T-Tops: 3yrs, sold, bought back (added T-Bird Turbo suspension): 2 yrs
1969 Mercury Cougar 351-W auto: 3 yrs
1986 Ford Crown Vic (ex-police car): 1 yr
1979 Toyota Truck (20R/Auto/Long bed/2wd): 7 yrs
1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue (318 auto): 5 yrs
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe: 2 yrs
1993 Thunderbird Sport 5.0: 3 yrs
1995 Yamaha FZR600 Sport Bike: 2 yrs
1988 Lincoln Town Car: 4 yrs
1986 Lincoln Town Car: 2 yrs
1988 Ford Ranger 2.0 5-speed 2wd: 4 yrs
1994 Ford Explorer 4x4: 4 yrs
1996 Lincoln Mark VIII: 10 yrs
1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC: 2 yrs

There have been several more, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head right now. I've had a bunch of cars that I bought just to sell and only kept for a month or two. That was back in the 90's and hard to remember. But the ones listed are the most memorable of my vehicles (I didn't list the '96 Cobra because that's my wife's car:D)
1973 Chevy K10 - Bought it in 1980 and sold it in 2010. Yeah, I got my moneys worth out of that one.
My '99 Expedition. This July will be 5 years. Almost ready to upgrade to an F-150 Platinum with eco boost. I took one for a test drive and fell in love!
My '77 Mustang II - 10.5 years and counting.
'94 Mustang GT - 7 years and counting
'88 Mustang project - 6... I think. Been on jackstands atleast 5 years :(
My '99 Expedition. This July will be 5 years. Almost ready to upgrade to an F-150 Platinum with eco boost. I took one for a test drive and fell in love!

My buddy just bought a 2012 with the long box and all of the bells and whistles. Those trucks really fly for a 6000# truck! The turbos are tiny though, but guys have already tuned them and cranked up the boost to about 18psi on the turbos and then they really get going. Definitely good trucks, at least so far. They outperform and out tow their similar counterparts. My buddy's truck with the 3.73 gears is supposed to be able to tow over 11,000# and should be able to run mid 14s stock in the 1/4 mile in good weather. I saw a guy at the track last year with one and with just a CAI and a tune I saw him with my own two eyes run a 14.1 with the tailgate and spare tire removed.
I wouldn't race it. I just like the fact that is much peppier than my Expedition with the 5.4 and gets 22 MPG on the highway and has more bells and whistles than my wife's '08 Cadillac SRX.
I wouldn't race it. I just like the fact that is much peppier than my Expedition with the 5.4 and gets 22 MPG on the highway and has more bells and whistles than my wife's '08 Cadillac SRX.

Yeah, I hear ya. He bought it to tow the 11 second Regal T-Type to the track on a car trailer. It's a trailer king for a trailer queen. :D

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