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  • Hello I am also wondering Are you still offering upper shock mount kits for 98 Mark VIII? Thanks
    Hi. Are you still offering upper shock mount kits for 98 Mark VIII? I have new 5965 Sensatracs ready to go on and I am looking for upper mounts. Thanks. CHris.
    Hey 98lincmk71sc I saw your post about the headlight conversion. I would like to get some info on them. I'm trying to be proactive and figure out what im going to do before my headlamps go out.
    Hey there 98lincmk71sc - I own a 1996 Lincoln MarkVlll with both low beams out now. Heard you had a solution to the issue and am checking to see what you've worked out. It's the same problem so many other folks have experienced with this vehicle. Thanks
    Dear 98lincmk7lsc,

    I have a driver-side low beam that has burned-out on a 1997 Mark VIII LSC. High beam works, cornering light works, directional signal works.
    I went to a Ford dealer for parts. They said the only availability is a set of both driver and passenger complete headlight units for $2000.
    Is there actually a way to get into the headlight and just replace 1 low-beam HID?
    Best wishes.
    PS I discovered your name via the following reply to me from markup97:
    Does your headlight low-beam HID bulb have a flat plug or a round plug? From talking to Jay after the above situation started, I learned that 96 through Mid-97 HID bulbs are the flat-plug style and Late-97 through 98 HID bulbs are the round-plug style. Find out which you have first and then look for the appropriate-style bulb.

    Or you can talk to Jay (can't remember his screen name right off hand, but I think it is 98lincmk7lsc) and get one of his complete retrofit kits.
    Alright, thats cool, just gotta make sure he gets them before hes leaving at the end of the month.:) btw I think your PM box is full.
    Any chance you have a filler hose for the fuel tank, and the vent hoses for the tank (the horse shoe one that crosses over the drive shaft)

    Also need a moonroof motor assembly if you've got one.

    Yo Jay...still around? Dropped in the forum, haven't been here in awhile. But I did get a complete Gen II air suspension from a guy upstate who ditched it for a spring kit! Found him posting here. Free too ! Took compressor apart at work looks like it just needs air dryer, have to order one for a spare. Need a drivers side bag now, the one I got from him is used and not much better, leaks a little less. Still need suspension parts, real noisy now,
    Hope yours is running good. I just dumped a ton of money into my house so Mark parts are on the 2011 budget!Gotta tighten up that front end, the stereo can only overcome the squeaks and rattles for so long!!! Have a good Christmas......~Greg
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