Longest you kept a car.

1999 Lincoln Continental: Bought in 2001 still have it and will be with me forever. (18yrs) :D
2006 F150 FX4 Super Crew: Bought in 2009, still have. (11yrs)
1996 Mustang GT: Bought in 1999-2009 (10yrs) Loved this car! :D
1996 Mustang Cobra: Bought in 2001-2010 (9yrs) Loved this car even more!! :D
1997 Dodge Ram 1500: Bought in 2001-2009
1995 Pontiac Grand Prix: Bought in 2000-2001
1993 Ford Taurus: Bought in 2000-2000

I keep my vehicles for a long time, I get really attached to them. :cool:

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