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Jul 19, 2009
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Just thought I would check in with my extended family since its been so long I since I was here. So many good times and great friends from on here I feel bad for not coming around as much. Sapperfire gave me a ride home after I dropped off my Vette and while in his bad arse Mark VIII I realized its been forever since I was here. Tried to log into the Wed night chat but the computer wouldnt let me. Not sure if thats even a thing here any more. :(

Still love Marks but after going through 14 of them I got a little burned out for a bit. Still may get one if I can find another 98 Gray LSC with the midnight interior, still miss the hell out of that car. That and my beloved blown pearl white one that I hope Nolan is still enjoying.
For me I have just been running my shop and working like crazy. Things have been great and been playing with some great toys. Bought a clean Audi RS6 last year with all the goodies. Very fun and fast car with stupendous luxury and unbelievable stability. Did pretty much all I could do to it and then got bored. lol



After I had my fun with her I had some good fortune come my way and got that dream car many of you know I was always drooling over. Picked up a 2012 AMG CL65 in Designo Graphite. Most spectacular automobile I ever drove in my life and am forever spoiled.




Love everything about it. Its like a Mark VIII done by Germans and with turbos. lol Its currently up in Illinois getting the complete Speedriven treatment. Built/balanced forged engine, built trans, custom rear end, actual Indy Car turbos, intercoolers, suspension module and a refrigerated air to water system for the intercoolers. Should be quite the beast when its done. :)

Since a friend offered me a deal I couldnt refuse on the RS6 I went ahead and sold it, will really miss that car. Since the Benz is still a month from completion and then goes out for a competition sound system when it gets back I wanted something to play with while I waited so i snagged a C5 Lingenfelter Corvette to tide me over in the mean time. Fun and fast car but uncomfortable. lol



As for the shop, its been doing great. Stays busy all the time and I am lucky enough to work with my best friend all day. We get into it from time to time but I wouldnt trade it for the world. Its been a great place since the move and we have events there from time to time that are just nuts. We fill the entire lot and street. lol Gonna do another BBQ there next month since the last one was a blow-out!





So what has everyone been up to? I see Kirk is still crazy and breaking records. Bobbys Coyote Mark is still ludacris. What else has been happening?
Almost forgot, I have been doing a lot of very high end sound systems as of late and writing reviews for companies so I was blessed enough to be hooked up with a partial sponsorship for the AMG sound system build. Car is getting a full Sinfoni build with Helix processing. System will run fully active with each speaker having its own amplifier channel and it will have 310 bands of EQ with full time alignment. :)






Congratulations on life going your way.
Glad to hear hard work is paying off and the shop is a success.
Lazer, it's also been a long time for me to post anything in here. It's great to hear that things are going good for you, those are some incredible rides. With all you're doing to the CL65, WOW. It's always good to see people doing well and enjoying life.
I don't freqent this forum much anymore but I do remember when you were first starting up your shop. Nice to see you succeeding man.
Congrats on everything going your way. That is a blessing. You have some very sweet cars by the way! That RS6 is really cool, now that AMG WOW...It'll be a monster when complete.
Bill, it's good to see that everything is going good. I remember the hard times, just like it was yesterday. I think it was around Jan 2010 when things weren't so good. As for Sapper, all you gotta do is slap him around a little, he'll be ok.. :p Nah, he's a good guy too and I also remember his hard times but with hard work, it looks like things have paid off. I too, don't come on here as much as I used to and I completely removed myself from FB. I'm still rolling in the 95 without any issues besides the fact that I'm needing to do the upper and lower control arms and ball joints but that's little stuff. I still look at it as "if it still looks good and has good paint, no dents or dings and runs good, new tires, with perfect working air ride, then no need in me paying monthly on anything different. I'll drive this car till it just can't go anymore. She still spends her nights and most days in the same garage I pulled it into back in January, 2010 and other than that, all is still the same with me. My son just turned 14 back on June 23rd and is now in the 8th grade. Man, the fee's I have to pay to the school and the homework he has is no joke. He's taller than me now. I miss the elementary days, when things were much easier. I would say I'm still a single father that's raising my son since he was born but I did finally meet the right woman, back in Feb, early March. She just turned 31 and her B-Day is one day after Nicholas' B-Day. I just turned 48 on the 11th of this month, and I have never felt younger lol. Nicholas accepts her just as if she were his own mother and that was the most important part for me. Anyway, so far so good. No complaints here and I don't foresee any.

Anyway, I remember the Audi. Always liked that one. You slipped the Vette past me and I missed that purchase but I like that one also. The Benz is beautiful and sounds like it's going to be even more bad-ass, very soon. Can't wait to see that one when it's finished. Maybe you can upload a nice "walk around" video of it onto YouTube, when completed. Again, glad to see everything is going well and that the shop is succeeding. Tell Sapp's I said hi. You two keep up the good work.
Wow, a blast from the past. I rarely come here anymore, gave my 97 Mark VIII to another member here.
Since you were last here I bought a new 5 BR 3 Bath house in the panhandle of West Virginia and am enjoying finally getting to spend time with my grandson:

My cars are a little more bland, still have my 14 GT:

14 Focus Titanium:

Recently bought a 16 Fiesta to putt-putt back and forth to work in:

and have an old Ford Explorer beater that I am giving to my adult daughter. I am glad to see that things are going well for you.
I haven't been around lately either. With a son who's almost two and a busy schedule, I still manage pop in here and lurk from time to time. I'm glad you and Sapp/JD are doing great. Yours is a wonderful business success story that needs to be told: in a book maybe? But, we here at LvC, are happy for you!

I'm really diggin that incredible AMG and its sound system build. I've been a certified USACi world finals SQ sound judge for many years and would love an opportunity to see and hear that Sinfony/Helix system someday at a contest or if I'm ever in TX visiting family.

If you ever want to do a build project post on your CL, that would be great to see either here or another site. As an MBZ owner, I am also on Benzworld forum as magnatude.

Welcome back, Bill!
WOW Cogratulations seems things have worked out well for you and Sapperfire. I haven't seen anything on his Mark VIII for some time. I'm retired now and on a limited budget so no more new toys. Take care.
Hey, good to see ya! And the cars and the shop look fantastic; that AMG has me drooling, only thing possibly cooler would be an Audi R8 (assuming that the lottery plays along, lol).
I've been gone for quite some time myself; short version is that an "out-patient procedure" turned into a three ring circus and I've been in and out of hospitals since last November. Just got back from the final (we hope) round of surgery at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City last week, so now comes the process of regaining that boring old state of "Normality" that we all take for granted until things go sideways. I'll be fine, turned out to be harder to kill than they thought I was lol.
Still have my beloved '96 LSC of course!
Nice to see some old names back around again. I've not been on here in ages as well, but like to check things out and see whats happening. Good to hear things are going well for so many :)
No more Lincolns right now, have a Magnum SRT-8 for summer toy and a bigger money pit of a Jeep TJ, lol :D
Dang, I remember when you where first getting the shop started! what a great story of success.

Love the Rs6 ( and the Benz of course).

I think you need a Mark VIII again, if for nothing else than a display car at your business.

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