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Nov 4, 2017
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I have always liked the look of the LS cars so I have decided to build one to give ride alongs under the name Drift Taxi. Through this journey I plan on making this chassis some much needed aftermarket parts that those looking to mod their LS's may be able to take advantage of.

I am no tire kicker I have a history in drifting and building cars/ designing parts spanning the past 5 years in a turbo 5.3LS swapped Rx7 that I had built.




This will be a full cage "racecar" build retaining as much as the factory vehicle as seen fit.

I picked up two first gen LS's one V8 car and one V6 car. The V6 car will be the drift car build while the other will remain a parts car due to a rusty underside.

The engine plans are a Chevy LS376 mated to a Tex Racing T101 4speed Nascar Dogbox (whiny gears).

I will start off with the stock diff and if its breaks will do the 8.8 swap.

I have some awesome plans for this and plan to document as much of this conversion as possible so subscribe and stay tuned!
First things first is making this a little bit more "drifty". Will machine a hub that adapts this weird keyed steering shaft spline to the popular NRG quick release steering wheel system.


Did some fine tuning to the design and sent it out for a 3d prototype.
Is there a build thread for this somewhere? Or will you be posting it here? I want to see a caged LS!

Look in the HP section under 'Land Speed LS' I have several pictures there.

If your hub is successful I will buy one for my LS, I am headed down a similar path as you..

Thanks for posting and keep up the good work. Interested to see how your cage goes (see cam's post above, he has a a cage) as well as other stiffening to perform. The car is actually pretty solid as is and handles well when at the limit, but there is always room for improvement.
the thread will be posted here. I am on my second 3d print model for the hub and am making a few final adjustments before the final metal design. I am moving into my new shop over the new two weekends so after that my time will be mostly dedicated to this and an offroad truck I am building for the TORC series.
Late ups truck. My "pretty" plate just came in to help fill the void made by removing the stock wheel. It looks great!

Love this - you are beating me to my own game of gutting my LS! I need to get my carpet out yet.

Some of the images arent working for me, anyone else? Id like to see the backside of the wheel. And nice choice on the MOMO.
Due to the increasing support in this drift build and the necessity to finish this project I have cut some corners from my initial engine build to save cost and speed the process up. Pictured is a 5.3 LS / Truck engine that I plan on swapping with higher compression 4.8 pistons milling heads, and installing an aftermarket cam. Shooting for a comp ratio of around 12:1 running on E90 (114 octane ethanol). I still would like to do an ITB intake but we will see what I end up with when that time comes.

I also started taking apart the rear end control arms to get dimensions to make tubular adjustable replacements.




Its a tex racing t101 4 speed dogbox. Super t10 based sideshift. I have been trying to find a cost effective oem type solution to a pan but I am leaning closer to a custom one.
Finished up the rear control arm prototype and made a template for the otherside.

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