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I wash my car with photoshop,



It works pretty good, i do a lot of hand brushing and blending, but if the chemistry is right it takes about 20 mins to wash it.
I never have to worry about the rain afterwards.
I've contacted the guy that did that car, because he does a lot of work in my area and he's setting up an appointment to inspect my car. :D
Hey KD00LS, have you ever tried Klasse AIO along with their High gloss glaze and sealant? It seems very easy to use from what I gather, and was thinking of picking up a bottle of each.
Hey KD00LS, have you ever tried Klasse AIO along with their High gloss glaze and sealant? It seems very easy to use from what I gather, and was thinking of picking up a bottle of each.

I haven't tried Klasse All-In-One (KAIO) but I have a 16.9 fl oz bottle of Klasse Sealant Glaze (KSG) if that's what you are referring to. KSG offers a good shine and very good protection, the only downside is it can be a little difficult to buff out. One of the professionals on my detailing site told me to buff it out in combination with some good quick detailer and a microfiber damp with quick detailer and it is a lot easier. I haven't tried that process yet, but in general Klasse makes very good products. As far as KAIO goes, a lot of people love that product on my board, so I guess you can't go wrong in trying it. Klasse offers several different size bottles. KAIO is sold, on autogeek, in 10oz, 16.9oz, 33oz, and 3 liter containers. KSG is sold in 16.9oz and 33oz. Go with the smaller ones at first to see if you'll like them. KAIO also has sealant properties, but I'm not sure if they are as strong as KSG. KAIO seems like a mix between a pre-wax cleaner and a moderate polish.

Another good sealant that is on sale today on, which runs a 30-50% off special on one product every day. (Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket if you look at it at the wrong time).

KSG Reviews...

KAIO Reviews...

Either can be applied by hand or machine, obviously faster with the machine.
Well, as you know, I dont' have a machine yet. The smaller bottles on autogeek seemed pretty reasonable. Right now all I have is meg's claybar (too fine for my taste. Doesn't really pull enough.) meg's cleaner wax (red bottle, junk) and Ice (again, junk). I'm going to get a different fine clay, the Klasse AIO, and the Sealant glaze. You think that will be enough? I don't want to get into the Souveran wax until I get a 7424.
Or do you think the Menzerna is a superior product to the 2 klasse products? I'd proabably need the Klasse AIO in both cases, right?
Menzerna offers probably one of the best polishes out there, but I don't think they offer an AIO product like that. They have aggressive clay if you snoop around, I think Meguiar's Professional Line has Mild and Aggressive styles. I'd do KAIO because Menzerna is quite expensive and you'll need a few bottles. As with detailing, you wanna start with the least aggresive method, to the paint and to your wallet.
Most definitely. But I figure why waste the money on an inferior product, if i'll end up buying menzerna anyways if it's that much better? I think I'll just go with the Klasse stuff for now. Thanks!
Most definitely. But I figure why waste the money on an inferior product, if i'll end up buying menzerna anyways if it's that much better? I think I'll just go with the Klasse stuff for now. Thanks!

I'd hardly call KAIO an inferior product to anything, it's all preference and what you hope to attain when using it.
Oh, i wasn't implying that it was. I've never used it, so I'm shooting from the hip when it comes to selecting products. It was a hypothetical "if". Thanks for the info!
J, besides the Zymol HD Cleanse, what other Zymol Products are you using?
I use the Leather cleaner/conditioner, the cleaner wax, cream wax and some different app pads and cloths.

I think I only used the cream once.
Just wanted to do a little update on Collinite 845 Insulator Wax. I had used this wax with a PC7424 about a month and a week ago and I am still getting a great shine and water beadage on all panels. I'm in a pretty harsh environment, down the shore with all the salt air and the high heat and UV index. I really like this wax, offers a good shine and is very durable. I'd definitely recommend it to the less than motivated group who want to protect their car. About 15 bucks a container and it'll probably do about 10-15 cars if you spread it thin like you are supposed to.

BTW, start asking some more questions.
I finally used the Stoner's and I am not satisfied at all. I don't know, maybe its just me but it didn't clean that much and left some gnarly streaks which caused me to use up most of the can and a few class cloths. It is also supposed to be safe for tint but it tore it up. I will take pics for the disbelievers but it took the outer most film off and it flaked in these sparkle particles and that was another story. Sh1t was a b*tch getting it off my interior! I got less than a half of a can, still have dirty windows ( in which weren't that dirty to begin with, just enough to want to clean ) and now I have to just get the tint redone the entire way around rather then just the rear.

Might I add that this was not just a fluke with my car but it did it to my Highlander as well. Oh and I was in the shade, we actually thought it would be nice to go out and wash both vehicles so the cars were cooled off and were still in the wash bay at the car wash.
That is a very, very strange turn of events. I've never heard of such a thing happening from using Stoner's. What type of cloth were you using and how much product did you spray on each window? I'd also question the quality of the tint. Possibly try Diamondite Glass Cleaner, it is supposed to leave less streaks and has more cutting power.
Weird. Stoner's always works well for me. Recently, I started getting some streaking, but the can sat in an unheated garage all winter. Maybe that affected the contents.

Did the same place do the tint job on your LS and Highlander?
Its very weird, I thought at first that it was just the old tint but as I said the Highlander had the same problem. The LS had the tint on when it was purchased along with the Magnaflows and the Highlander had the tint added the same day we picked it up and as I said it happened to both vehicles.

I use the glass cleaning cloths from Black Magic and I have been using those same types for ever. Its the same as the ones we would use for sunglasses or eyeglasses so I wouldn't blame those.

I am taking into consideration that I just got a bad formula or something. I would call stoner's but all they would do is just replace the can.

The good thing is that knowing it was possibly the cleaner I only used it on a small very unnoticeable spot on the Highlander.
As far as the cloth used, I always use coffee filters. It seems that I get a lot less streaks. Just FYI for anyone who hasn't tried them.
Another old detailer's trick is to use newspaper to clean the windows, obviously with a glass cleaner included. If you can find newsprint without ink on it it might be better, but I've used regular newspaper with good success. I use a microfiber now and try to limit the amount of product I use to prevent streaking. Just like wax and all that other stuff, you need to buff it out to prevent streaking. If you have trouble getting in the tight areas, I bought one of those telescopic glass cleaner tools with a handle.
I was aware of the newspaper trick. Tried it, but the coffee filters actually work better for me. I normally follow up with a microfiber to get rid of any streaks. I would like to try the diamondite stuff, since you mentioned it might be better with the grime cutting power.

I bought a little shower sqweegee from walmart for under 2 bucks. It was right next to the mops/brooms. I wrap the microfiber over the sqweegee edge, and get to work. That's what I use to access the lower edge of the windshield/back glass.
I use the microfiber on occasion when I have no clean glass cloths.

Those work great also, I just fold it up a few times to a square and go across. Then I flip it over and do the same and if the water isn't all picked up by that time I unfold it, fold it back the opposite way, and go at it again. Microfibers do work good on glass.
KD00LS, do you know anything about applying tint?

I think I may give it a shot. I have been reading and reading and wtaching videeos left and right and it dont look that bad.

I know this is probably a dumb question, but how do any of you guys feel about that pre-cut stuff?

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