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OK, Hello Everyone....
I see no one has written on this in a while but I have been told to love my car ( I haven't up to now, I'm used to driving beaters that don't require TLC) and as such I need some advice. I don't want to have to wait for an order online, so what can I get from my local auto parts store that would be a decent "kit" to do my very first detail ever. I want to see if I can get my car as shiny as you guys have yours, but I have never detailed a car in my life, so I don't know what I need or how to use it. You guys have given some great advice, but I don't know what half the stuff is that you are referring to. Please remember I am young, female, and not very vehicle savvy, but I am working on changing that last one. LOL ;) Can anyone give me some tips and perhaps a walk through on what I will need and how to use it??
For a rookie i'd just wash it and apply a coat of wax w/ wax applicators found at wally world or auto part stores. Pick any wax really, some will say get this or that but it's entirely up to you. Meguirs, turtle wax ect ect...For the dash/doors get some armor all protectent and wipe it on. Clean the windows w/ glass cleaner of ur choice, Use some tire shine(i like armor all foam)...Just basic stuff.
Once you get a hang of waxing/basic car care you can move up to the more complicated paint revival..Using a da, Swirel removal, clay bar ect ect.




I know this thread has been left alone for a while, but I am new to nicer cars, (always drove a beater) what are the beginning detailing basics I can do for my car? It does have a lot of scratches, not paint missing, just visible. And also has some chips out of the paint. Any suggestions?

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