If you had a nickel... (Pics)

Andrizzle, i have thought about that once or twice today. The only problem is that there isn't many Ls' around here to be bought. I found one the other day. It was a Red color with Tan interior (PUKE). Oddly enough, one of the things that i love about my car, other than its an LS, is the color. Its not one of the "norms" that you see a dime a dozen of. I believe i have saw one maybe two on here, and one running around where i currently live. Im gonna attempt to have everything price with OEM equipment on it from the manufacturer (so that the price is a bit higher) then get the body guys to search there "inventory" lists for other than OEM equip.

Everything is still dependent on what the "Gekko" decides to do :)

Vivid Red with the two tone tan interior looks nice...get compliments all the time

I dunno if you know...but thats not really "tan" interior...more like a grey...and mabey im blind but i don't see two tone inserts?
yeah thats the gray interior not tan.

I dont like red on any vehicle. I like darker colors such as grays and blacks. or a
nice pearl white.
They will most likely total that car out ,i can almost guarantee it...I would say over $5000 in damage.I know it doesnt look like that but it will be.I bought a wrecked 02 lse and it was total out and it had half the damage of that...Heres some pics of the car when i got it...It had $7200 worth of damage.


Agreed. Looks like the front end was shoved back (look at the fender where it meets the driver's door) and the rear end is definitely tweaked.

I would say totaled and over $7K in damage. Frame straightening ain't cheap!
I would be surprised if he gets away with much below $3K or worse.

I had a lady tap my rear bumper a week after I got the LS, a replacement for a Impala SS that was totalled in another rearender, dang. The cost of repair for the tap, was $400, to remove the bumper, smooth out the small scratch in the plastic and repaint. A year later some dufus rear ended me at a stop light and cracked the rear bumper, cost was $800. This was in Calif.

I have had my wife's minivan scraped on a rear panel twice, and each time it was close to $2K and that was more than 10 years ago in Oregon. The damage was mostly scraped paint and a dent. No where near as bad as the couple dents I see in your pics.

The fact that the hood and trunk lids are not lined up worry me. Something is bent. Ooooch, that gap in front of the drivers door is a problem. Could be minor or could be major, this was why my Impala was totalled at $13K. Didn't look bad but the frame was bent, hasta la vista SS.

Calif and Oregon both have stringent paint pollution laws so it costs more to paint, so maybe you can get it done cheaper in other states.

Good Luck, but don't hold your breath.

Jim Henderson

BTW, women shouldn't drive. My wife hit the same panel 2 times in the SAME place after the first repair. The body shop was surprised to see us since I joked that their first repair had failed. I could also mention my wife hit our front gate and tore off the right side rear view mirror the day before we were trading the car in to buy the van. Can we say trade in value dropped a might? I could go on and on but you get my opinion.
Women should not handle anything more complex than a coat hanger, and even that has hazards.
Today at work everyone kept asking if my wife was ok, i just replied with, "No, she's still stupid..." Trust me it wasn't my direct intention to let her drive it, however it was the only means of transport for my son...and he kinda pulls priority over just about anyone / anything.

I really hope that they dont total the car out, but so help me god...if they do, because as i stated before it will be the car she has to drive to transport my son, im gonna go find a Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer LOOKIN GOOD !

As far as the Vivid Red Color & Tan interior i stand by my previous statement...but the red i saw here was more of a burgundy color. Im not much on Tan interior in anything to be honest. Still haven't heard what they are gonna do with the car...however, if they decide to total it out, i may have some parts for sell if anyone is interested. (Provided i dont get another LS or the rims dont fit the next one)

Thanks for all the help guys, whether or not i decide to get another LS, I'm def gonna be around, this place is kinda like a second home. Will keep you guys updated.

Dueces !
you should get her the ugliest slowest vehicle you can find with power nothing.

Will that work? :p

And she will think it's the coolest thing around

Will that work? :p

And she will think it's the coolest thing around

Yeah, all she would think is, " YES... A MUSTANG ! "

I think i found one that would haul the car seat, groceries, and if she ever drives near a lake...chances are it'll float :)

man i would drive that!!

this is the biggest vehicle ive ever driven....while in the military but still counts:


8 wheel drive turbo diesel with a caterpilar engine and air brakes...lots of fun lol.

Biggest thing I have driven/operated.. Besides from a Semi but I didn't drive that very far..

It's fun power shifting with the 6 speeds.. Black smoke just a rollin
Vivid Red with the two tone tan interior looks nice...get compliments all the time

Dude! I am totally jealous! That's the perfect color for an LS. Same color interior as mine (except mine isn't the premium package)
Seeing as how all my wife does is complain about it (though she is the one responsible for it) figure i would give you guys an update about the car, though you probly dont care...

ANYWAYS....Had a body shop come and pickup the car today. They were pretty gentle with the pickup and delivery. Not one of those "Load & Dump" type Record services. The adjuster was suppose to either call me today or tomorrow, though im sure he will call tomorrow with what options that i have. Hopefully it will be good news, though i am doubting it. But still hoping for the best :)

Will keep you guys posted
My wife drives our beater 200K mile 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee for 5 years, and never puts a scratch on it. Got her an 05 Altima (thank God she likes driving it) a few months ago, and I am already ordering a new tail light for the one she busted. It has a hole in it big enough to walk through, but she looked at it after she "thought I hit something" and didnt notice any damage......
though you probly dont care... :)

Will keep you guys posted

Well we don't want to see another totaled LS so I care.. ;)

but she looked at it after she "thought I hit something" and didnt notice any damage......

Isn't that what they all say? :D

My daughter's mom hit a raccoon at 70 and did 1,300 worth of damage.. I said didn't you see it and she said yea but I didn't think to slow down.. I didn't think it would do that much damage.. :slam
Its Official....Totalled. GFDI :mad:
they called me and are currently attempting to offer me $5700 for it...only problem is...thats what i owe on it. Therefore...they are gonna have to come up with something other than that.

Anyone been in this situation before with the gekko? How did you handle it to get moar monay???
Damn that is sh!tty.

Not sure... wrecking a car on a lease seems like a total no win situation.
not exactly a "lease" per say...only had 2 years left before it was paid for. Other than the scratch on the front passenger fender...the car was damn near picture perfect. Not a thing wrong with it. So im gonna attempt to swindle some more money out of them if possible. Even if its 1K, that'll still be something i could put towards the next one.

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